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masquerade as (someone or something)

1. Literally, to disguise oneself as someone or something; to dress in apparel meant to look like someone or something else. I love seeing all the kids on Halloween masquerading as ghouls, goblins, and cartoon characters.
2. To pretend to be someone or something that one is not; to posture as someone or something. It's clear now that the candidate has just been masquerading as a common, working-class citizen to gain more votes across the county. She masqueraded as a legitimate journalist before it was discovered that she had plagiarized most of her work.
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masquerade as someone or something

to appear disguised as someone or something; to pretend to be someone or something. We decided to masquerade as ghosts for the party. Mr. Wilson, who is a bit overweight, masqueraded as Cinderella's coach.
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Moreover, for Okumkpo festival to be a success, about two thousand masquerading youths must be dressed and seated on the ground.
The veiled ladies expose what is threatening and frightening about masquerading. For Coverdale, the facade must house truth and reality.
If, however, one questions how voluntary White's "voluntary Negro" status could really be, given that his racial identity was forged in the blood of Atlanta's Race Riot of 1906; or, if one questions the plausibility of a black man actually "masquerading" as a black man, then it just might be that White was not so conflicted as Janken suggests but merely determining which one of Paul Laurence Dunbar's "masks" he would wear for the appropriate occasion.
It is the third time this year that Thai nationals have tried to enter Japan illegally through Narita by masquerading as airlines personnel, they said.
people who were masquerading as travellers and then committing crimes.''I do say to people who have sat in armchairs pontificating about this, go out to the West Midlands, go out to Swindon where both the local MPs have been canvassing me for firmer action.
Some wear extravagantly ornamented pseudo-armor, with wings on their helmets, and some are dressed as ancient, bearded sages wearing oriental turbans and exotic Byzantine hats, masquerading as those ancient and Biblical worthies whom Petrarch had named as victims to the power of Love.
This study also found significant associations between masquerading with a group and smoking marijuana and using other drugs.
(2017) Masquerading Politics: kinship, gender, and ethnicity in a Yoruba town.
'Soliciting and receiving bribes is a criminal offence punishable by law and any person masquerading as a Nairobi County employee or associating the Governor with such criminal intentions or act should be apprehended or prosecuted,' said Sonko.
In Strat's time, he is part of Dr, Lightner's expedition and is joined by Camilla, a young Polish girl masquerading as a reporter in order to spy for Strat's father.
Principal among the gods of world mythology are the vanished (hence, "invisible") and vanquished pre-Columbian "carnival gods"--what Harris identifies as "masquerading 'block' gods" reigning from Mexico to the Caribbean to the Guianas: Quetzalcoatl, Kukulcan, Huracan, and Yourokon (Essays 12, 105-06).
These are songs and chants masquerading as words that belong on the page.
Not while those infuriating Furies, masquerading as "the Backroom Betties." remain one step ahead.
Following in the steps of such scholars as Eric Lott and Henry Louis Gates, Jr., who work on whites masquerading as people of color, Marianne Torgovnick, who studies Anglos imitating Native Americans, and Michael Rogin, who analyzes Jews blacking up, Browder proves that what historically has passed for authenticity may simply be a re-inscription of stereotypical and biologistic attitudes toward racial and ethnic identity.
Called only Senor Robinson in the novel, in life he is an anthropologist masquerading as a minister.