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masquerade as (someone or something)

1. Literally, to disguise oneself as someone or something; to dress in apparel meant to look like someone or something else. I love seeing all the kids on Halloween masquerading as ghouls, goblins, and cartoon characters.
2. To pretend to be someone or something that one is not; to posture as someone or something. It's clear now that the candidate has just been masquerading as a common, working-class citizen to gain more votes across the county. She masqueraded as a legitimate journalist before it was discovered that she had plagiarized most of her work.
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masquerade as someone or something

to appear disguised as someone or something; to pretend to be someone or something. We decided to masquerade as ghosts for the party. Mr. Wilson, who is a bit overweight, masqueraded as Cinderella's coach.
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17 April 2008) noted that posing for the researcher's camera is part of the masquerader's performance.
In order to apply dynamic masquerade detection on these data configurations, we need a model that is able to extract features from the user's command text file dynamically and then classify the user into one of the two classes that will be either a normal user or a masquerader. Therefore, we deal with a text classification task.
Cystic fibrosis: a challenging masquerader. Clin Rev Allergy.
"That was a good effort and he could be a decent prospect," said Mullen, who went on to complete a double in the 51/2f handicap on Musabah Al Muhairi's Masquerader.
More-over, Scher employs another case study to explore the gradual relegation of Fancy Sailor Mas (which often includes significant amounts of Brooklynites) from popular masquerader to "living history" (p.
Reese and co-author Peter Cole, a chartered financial consultant and founder of Insight Financial, say most people act out one of 10 money scripts: co-dependent, coupon clipper, craver, gambler, hoarder, masquerader, power player, prince or princess, procrastinator, or victim.
Paradoxical vocal cord motion in the recovery room: a masquerader of pulmonary dysfunction.
1995, "Herpesvirus: The Great Masquerader"; and May/June 2005, "Lysine to the Rescue."
Pulmonary blastomycosis: a great masquerader. Chest.
Sirce, a 10-1 chance, upset Frankie Dettori on 2-1 favourite Masquerader in the Norman Hill Memorial Handicap to keep her relationship with Jimmy Quinn on the boil.
Many of her sculptures, such as the steel, mirror, wood, bells, cloth, paint, and motor Masquerader With Boat Headdress, are extremely popular and vibrate on prescribed schedule.
In this instance, the mask is too powerful to be worn and is dragged behind the masquerader.
Recent investigations into minstrelsy as a space of white, working-class male homosocial camaraderie must now factor in the volatile presence of a large, white, female masquerader parading upon the minstrel stage.
At times the non-initiated people may even know the masquerader, as in Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart.
In the midst of the carnival I find myself the only masquerader without a mask and am granted no forgiveness.