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masquerade as someone or something

to appear disguised as someone or something; to pretend to be someone or something. We decided to masquerade as ghosts for the party. Mr. Wilson, who is a bit overweight, masqueraded as Cinderella's coach.
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As a leader in digital innovation, the brand is also providing all fans 21 and older an incredible Masquerade virtual reality experience.
The Masquerade NYE 2015 ball will feature live entertainment throughout the night at the Adliya venue from the talented Nathalie Karlsson from 8pm.
Masquerade is taking place over the weekend on the main stage, this is the event where you can show off your costume to the public and compete to win some great prizes
The weekend will include cosplay masquerade on the main stage, where you can show off your costumes
Carstensen explained that the Web misdirection was like someone changing phone numbers in your phone book, and said that that is what essentially happened: Turkish ISPs have set up servers that masquerade as Google's DNS service.
Using technique and artistry, they worked their magic in a range of contests, including Masquerade Ball, Through The Ages, and Bridal.
I Am Kloot -Masquerade WRITTEN by the band and produced by Elbow's Guy Garvey and Craig Potter, Masquerade is a two-minute pop gem reminiscent of The Beatles with its finger picked acoustic guitar and vocal harmonies.
As the event had a masquerade theme, children were encouraged to make their own masks to bring along to the occasion.
In a metaphorical sense, the masquerade in Nigeria can be used as an artistic and significant representation of the nation's politics.
In this form of entertainment, a visible masquerade dressed in traditional Nigerian costume performs on the stage to the accompaniment of other members of the troupe engaged in Igbo dance, drama and music.
We'll admit, we really don't know much about the steampunkish Antiquinox Masquerade Ball.
Kick the Bad Work Habits That Masquerade as Virtues
NEW Masquerade tour will see band The Drifters perform their greatest hits and some new material at the Pavilion theatre in Rhyl.
Billed as the Masquerade Tour, the current recording line up of The Drifters will perform the group's greatest hits and new material some of which is on the new album.
After years of making wine and hosting tastings in Eastern Washington, Masquerade Wine Company owners Bill and Jennifer Kimmerly have closed their Red Mountain tasting room in Benton City and are relocating to Bellingham.