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(one's) mask slips

One's true personality, agenda, or motivation has been revealed, which stands in contrast to what was presented to other people. Her masked slipped for just a moment, and everyone could see the contempt she really held for her audience.
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mask out

To hide, cover, or conceal something, either partially or in full. He thinks he can just mask out the smell in the bathroom with that horrible deodorant spray, but it just makes everything worse. We've planted trees around the perimeter of our property to mask it out from the neighbors.
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throw off the mask

To discard some pretense or false display and begin acting in a genuine or authentic manner. It seems that many people have thrown off the mask of decency, whether they're protesting or responding to the protests. Jane, I implore you, throw off the mask and let the world see your true self!
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mask something out

to conceal or cover part of something from view. The trees masked the city dump out, so it could not be seen from the street. The trees masked out the dump.
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The masked area was sampled with the eyedropper tool.
This is considerably shorter than the durations reported in previous studies on individual face recognition (Costen et al., 1994; Loffler et al., 2005), although it is consistent with reports of relative resistance of facial expressions to backward masking, with above chance recognition of masked emotional faces with exposure times as short as 17-20 ms (Maxwell & Davidson, 2004; Milders et al., 2008; Pessoa et al., 2005; Szczepanowski & Pessoa, 2007).
In that study, similar duration thresholds on the 100-150 ms range were obtained for identification of gender and expression when the target was masked by neutral faces.
Unequally masked: Indexing differences in the perceptual salience of "unseen" facial expressions.
You'll become a part of Venice, the most famous masked city in the world.
Perched atop lotus flowers and accompanied by masked dwarfs, the two bear swords.
Masked dances have long been central to the ceremonial cycle of the Yup'ik people of southwestern Alaska.
The use of masks declined dramatically late in the nineteenth century as the Yup'ik population was cut in half by disease and missionaries energetically suppressed the masked dance ceremonies.
The body of the book details the meaning of the masks, while later chapters offer a few first-hand experiences of the masked dancing performers.
Not limiting the presentation to carved masks, in a very timely chapter, the modern-day phenomenon of Lucha Libre, the Mexican masked wrestlers, is explained and shown to viewers.
Many of the canti he collected take as their point of departure the tradesmen's songs sung by groups of masked singers walking the streets of Florence during Carnevale, and which take as their themes the activities of the various mestieri and are rich with obscene double-entendres.
His trionfo, for example, does not entirely aim to represent a parade float as it actually appeared, not only because the gods' nudity is real and not feigned, but also because the centaurs and fauns are "real" and not masked paraders whose costumes have been supplemented by painted paper cutouts.