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(one's) mask slips

One's true personality, agenda, or motivation has been revealed, which stands in contrast to what was presented to other people. Her masked slipped for just a moment, and everyone could see the contempt she really held for her audience.
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mask out

To hide, cover, or conceal something, either partially or in full. He thinks he can just mask out the smell in the bathroom with that horrible deodorant spray, but it just makes everything worse. We've planted trees around the perimeter of our property to mask it out from the neighbors.
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mask something out

to conceal or cover part of something from view. The trees masked the city dump out, so it could not be seen from the street. The trees masked out the dump.
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The 1MHz I2C interface enables full control of all driver functions including input equalization, output peaking and peaking duration, Signal Detect and Squelch, channel polarity inversion, diagnostics such as average current and temperature monitoring as well as user maskable Interrupts and VCSEL voltage supervisory functions.
We've reached Maskable and TechCrunch and those places which have credible amounts of influence in the online community.
Yahoo declined to answer specific questions about the issue, but sent the online magazine Maskable a statement: "At Yahoo, we're committed to ensuring that all of our users around the world can freely express themselves on our platform.
More than 29 percent of Americans are still disconnected by the digital divide as reported by Maskable, but the disconnect is even greater among minorities.
Reset is a non maskable highest priority interrupt.