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(one's) mask slips

One's true personality, agenda, or motivation has been revealed, which stands in contrast to what was presented to other people. Her masked slipped for just a moment, and everyone could see the contempt she really held for her audience.
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mask something out

to conceal or cover part of something from view. The trees masked the city dump out, so it could not be seen from the street. The trees masked out the dump.
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Amin Sabeti, an Iranian researcher based in London who focuses on media and Internet freedom, told Maskable the Yahoo action will probably just encourage people to switch to Gmail, adding: "In general, it's ridiculous.
A separate gateable input port may be programmed to generate a maskable interrupt to the CPCI bus for alarm conditions or status monitoring.
Strachey's [22] proposal for multi-programming, coined the term "timesharing": statement of asynchronous peripherals, maskable, prioritized interrupts, memory protection, supervisor-only instructions.
Two wire serial (TWS) interface with maskable interrupt for expanded functionality.
Judges Allow Twitter in the Courtroom", Maskable (19 October 2009), online: <http://mashable.
The device offers 128 KB of on-chip, maskable ROM, with address space for up to 1 MB off-chip.
5V I/O voltages rails -- 400kHz I2C interface -- Programmable logic functions (PLD) -- Open drain active low interrupt output (NINT) -- Bit maskable -- Programmable edge sensitivity -- Hardware/software reset -- Operating current of only 1(u)A