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(one's) mask slips

One's true personality, agenda, or motivation has been revealed, which stands in contrast to what was presented to other people. Her masked slipped for just a moment, and everyone could see the contempt she really held for her audience.
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mask out

To hide, cover, or conceal something, either partially or in full. He thinks he can just mask out the smell in the bathroom with that horrible deodorant spray, but it just makes everything worse. We've planted trees around the perimeter of our property to mask it out from the neighbors.
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mask something out

to conceal or cover part of something from view. The trees masked the city dump out, so it could not be seen from the street. The trees masked out the dump.
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The Haehoe Pyolsin-gut (Exorcism), one of Korea's most precious intangible cultural assets, is a mask performance conducted as part of shamanist rituals.
Luke Aloe Essence Mask has a combination of essential skin vitamins to improve smoothness and glow.
Packed with sheet-mask regulars glycerin (an ingredient that helps lock in moisture) and niacinamide (a brightening ingredient that promotes collagen production and lightens hyperpigmentation), this jelly-like mask clings to your face like wet plastic, and is best left on for 30 minutes to absorb its benefits.
Chapter Two Facial Mask International and China Market Analysis 5
Throw on a suit (or pantsuit) and pick up a mask that depicts one of the presidential candidates like (https://www.
Other mass mask brands include Neutrogena, Formula 10.
Once they have that information they will be able to prepare a sample of the mask and from that they can generate a price.
DRAWING THE MASK Students began by folding a 12" x 18" sheet of paper in half, either vertically or horizontally depending on the shape desired.
In the present series of experiments we used the backward masking paradigm with different target durations and mask types.
MASK MAGIC With all the hocus pocus surrounding October 31, here's a fact you might find rather bewitching.
We decided we needed to rethink the surgical mask and see if we could come up with a new design that improved on fogging.
Southam-based Mask-arade have had to take a break from making Diamond Jubilee masks to cope with hundreds of requests for the new England manager.
He had received an e-mail from the fire marshal's office saying mask kits were available.
This clever mask heats up on contact with water to open pores and polish away impurities.
The only ways to fight sand are to keep your mask in its carrier as much as possible and clean the mask often.