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mash on (something)

To press down on something very forcefully and without finesse. Don't just start mashing on the keyboard when the computer stalls like that—you'll only make it freeze up even worse. I've got a patient who's been mashing on the call button every 10 minutes.
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A jumbled, disorganized mixture of several various things. The "stew" he served was just a bizarre mish-mash of stuff he had left over in his fridge. The story is a mish-mash of inconsistent themes and plotlines that never go anywhere.


slang Extremely drunk. Sorry if I said anything inappropriate last night, I was pretty mashed toward the end there.
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mash up (something)

1. To crush or smash something into dust or paste. To start, mash up the avocadoes until they are completely smooth, then begin mixing in the tomatoes, onions, and lime juice.
2. To combine two songs or recordings to create a single audio track. He became very popular for the clever way he mashes up classical music and gangster rap.
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mash (something) with (something)

1. To use something to crush or smash something else into dust or paste. Mash the avocado with the mortar and pestle before you add the tomato, onion, and lime juice.
2. To crush or smash multiple ingredients together to form a mixture. Make sure you mash the tomatoes with a teaspoon of sugar to cut through their acidity.
3. To combine different elements in a clumsy, forceful manner. The director mashes a gross-out comedy with a vampire horror film to create something quite unlike anything else you'll see this year—for better or worse.
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mash on something

to press on something, such as a button. (Southern.) He kept mashing on the doorbell until someone responded. Just mash on this button if you want someone to come.
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mash something up

to crush something into a paste or pieces. Mash the potatoes up and put them in a bowl. Mash up the potatoes and serve them to our guests.
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mash something with something

1. to use something to mash something up. Vernon mashed the potatoes with a spoon because he couldn't find the masher. Gerald used the heel of his shoe to mash the wasp.
2. to combine ingredients while mashing. Mash the turnips with the butter. She mashed the potatoes with sour cream, cream cheese, and a little garlic salt.
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mash up

1. To combine some recordings to produce a composite recording: The DJ mashed popular songs up. The DJ mashed up two songs by The Beatles. The DJ mashed the popular song up with an old blues song.
2. To mash something completely: The cook mashed up the potatoes. I threw the turnips into a bowl and mashed them up.
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in. to neck and pet. (Collegiate.) Who are those two mashing in the corner?


mod. alcohol intoxicated. Both guys were so mashed. I called my brother, who came and rescued me.
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and mish-mosh (ˈmɪʃmæʃ and ˈmɪʃmɑʃ)
n. a mixture; a disorderly conglomeration. There’s no theme or focus. It’s just a mish-mash.
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