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US communications holding company AT&T (NYSE:T) on Wednesday announced that it has appointed Marvy Moore as vice president and general manager for Georgia/South Carolina
Just Marvy striped socks, available from All About Dance, $11.
Chance, in this situation, wrecks Pointsman's plan: the men hired to castrate Slothrop make a mistake and "operate" on Major Dwayne Marvy.
According to Marvy, within 15 years of the end of World War II, Red Hook's population had plunged from 50,000 to 15,000.
His proudest possession is his iFridge, a mucho marvy device that's hooked up to the net via his broadband pipe.
Marvy Harvey: Miramax's 40 nominations, including the nine Hours bids shared with Paramount, breaks the distrib's previous record haul of 24 in 1998 (when it had two pic nominees--eventual winner Shakespeare in Love and Life Is Beautiful), but falls short of United Artists' 45 bids in 1940, when the studio claimed half of the 10 picture nominees.
One recent study (Kerr, Fillmore, and Marvy 2000) shows that per capita consumption of both beer and ethanol has been greater for Australians than for Americans every year since 1953 (which was the first year statistics were available).
The lunch sacks are machine-washable and are perfect for personalization, since each set contains two plain sacks and four Marvy fabric markers for kids to unleash their creativity
If only she didn't find herself also snogging Dave the Laugh, life would be marvy.
In some ways, Marvy is Slothrop's opposite, "Their" willing organ who chases Slothrop through the Zone, the object of countercultural pie-throwing, the avatar of abusive power.
From game sausages to a superb coq au vin, here's an eclectic mishmash of nifty noshes and marvy meals in the middle of horseyland with most items - even lamb and fresh fish plates - under $8.
When Smith announced that she was leaving AT&T and going to a competitor, her general manager, Marvy Pearson Walker, hoped that the project Smith spearheaded wouldn't be going out the door with her.