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marvel at someone or something

Fig. to express wonder or surprise at someone or something. I can only marvel at Valerie and all she has accomplished. We all marveled at the beauty of the new building.
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marvel to behold

someone or something quite exciting or wonderful to see. Our new high-definition television is a marvel to behold. Mary's lovely new baby is a marvel to behold.
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marvel at

To be astonished or impressed by something: We walked through the carnival and marveled at all the rides and amusements.
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References in classic literature ?
In a land of perpetual noon there is no need of light above ground, yet I marveled that they had no means of lighting their way through these dark, subterranean passages.
I am free to confess that I marveled at the excellent construction and stanch yet speedy lines of the little craft.
She felt him leap into the air and marveled at his strength and his ability as, burdened with her weight, he swung nimbly into the lower branches of a large tree and quickly bore her upward beyond reach of the sinuous trunk of the pachyderm.
The first hundred miles he looked for signs of weakening, and marveled that he saw them not.
Sir Patrick looked at his niece, and found himself in the company of a model young English Miss--and marveled inwardly what it might mean.
He saw it all and marveled, guessing immediately that this must be the strange white demon concerning whom he had heard vague rumors before Momaya came to him.