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make a martyr of (one)

To make one on the opposing side of an issue suffer for their position, only for that suffering to cause other people to sympathize with the victim, thus strengthening their cause. The British government's biggest mistake in dealing with the Irish revolutionaries was to execute the leaders of the 1916 uprising. By making martyrs of them, the government unified the Irish people in a position of revolt.
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make a martyr of (oneself)

To go out of one's way to do difficult or unpleasant things, especially to engender pity or sympathy in others. My mother always made a martyr of herself at Christmas time, slaving away in the kitchen and then complaining about how tired she was.
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According to details, Kashmore police paid homage to the police martyrs who had sacrificed their lives in the line of duty.
Quran Khwani was arranged for the martyrs, which was attended by army officers, parents and students and their families.
The petitioner sought the meaning and definition of the word martyr according to the law and constitution.
PNN/Bethlehem/ The Israeli Supreme Court on Wednesday 13/9/2017 will look into a petition filed by the Prisoners Committee and the Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Center, which proposes releasing the bodies of nine Palestinian martyrs held in mortuaries.
The martyr has always been dreaming of having a baby boy after having four daughters over the last four years.
In a speech at the ceremony, Minister Ghobash praised the martyrs for their invaluable sacrifices and said they put their lives on the line and went for one of the two best things: victory or martyrdom.
For his part, Martyr Qassem Fahd Hatoum was buried in Radouf, while martyr Sheikh Mahdi Youssef Moqdad was inhumed in Rawdat al-Shahidayn in Ghobeiry, according to the news agency.
The Bahraini women's delegation conveyed the condolences of Bahraini people and women to the family of the martyr and to the leadership and people of the United Arab Emirates, on the demise of one of the bravest heroes who served the security of Bahrain and the Arab Gulf .
Ahmad Shah Massoud had not worked for a single tribe, language or one cause, but he wanted welfare of all Afghanistan and he is martyr of the entire nation.
This is "more than a neat literary or rhetoric trick," Moss insists, arguing that presenting a martyr as an imitator of Christ was, in effect, "presenting the martyr as an alter Christus," which in turn "created the potential for the complete assimilation of the martyr to Christ" (46).
In his speech on behalf of the martyrs' sons, Son of the martyr President Salem Rubaia Ali, Ahmed Salem, appreciated the support of President Saleh for the sons of the martyrs who died during the political conflicts.
Minister Singh said the families of those declared martyrs would be provided Rs 100,000 as compensation and status of martyr.
The Irish Martyr is an engaging collection of Russel Working's most intriguing short stories.
Because of the importance of the martyr songs in the sixteenth-century era of persecution, and because the Frisians and Flemish outnumbered the Waterlanders (perhaps by three to one), Gregory intends through republication of these "forgotten writings" to enrich the scholarship on Mennonite martyrology, which has up to now been focused too exclusively on Van Braght's Martyr's Mirror.
Inevitably we are confronted with the question of how to assess the witness of someone who became a martyr for the faith through the initiative of our own church.