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make a martyr of (one)

To make one on the opposing side of an issue suffer for their position, only for that suffering to cause other people to sympathize with the victim, thus strengthening their cause. The British government's biggest mistake in dealing with the Irish revolutionaries was to execute the leaders of the 1916 uprising. By making martyrs of them, the government unified the Irish people in a position of revolt.
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make a martyr of (oneself)

To go out of one's way to do difficult or unpleasant things, especially to engender pity or sympathy in others. My mother always made a martyr of herself at Christmas time, slaving away in the kitchen and then complaining about how tired she was.
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ISLAMABAD -- A conference was held at the ISPR in Rawalpindi on Wednesday regarding Defense and Martyrs Day to be marked on 6th of next month.
TAXILA -- Attock police on Tuesday organised a memorial ceremony at police lines to mark Police Martyrs Day where speakers paid tributes to those who lost their lives in the line of duty.
ISLAMABAD / RAWALPINDI -- Civilians who are martyred in terror attacks will also be entitled to the Shuhada package just like those wearing uniforms as the sacrifice of martyred police officers were hailed in separate events in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.
Bakhshaliyeva noted that the attention and care for the martyr families are always reflected in the decrees and orders of the president.
In a statement to TAP correspondent in the region, president of the association "Le Martyr", Dhaou Bouzayane, called for the proclamation of the final list of martyrs and wounded of the revolution and its publication in JORT, criticizing the delay of this file.
"Gilina Peshkova", the wife of Russian martyr Oleg Peshkov, said "Syria's soil is now containing the blood of Russian heroes who sacrificed themselves to eradicate terrorism, so Syria means a lot for us and we shouldn't forget the heroism of the martyrs who fought to help the Syrian children live in peace."
The study confirmed that 80% of the families had found about about their relatives being killed through the media, and over 86% expressed dissatisfaction with the institutions that follow-up with the martyr cases, and accusedthe media of failing to cover news about the martyrs.
"The martyr has always been dreaming of having a baby boy after having four daughters over the last four years.
"Nashat Milhem died as a martyr after an armed confrontation in the courtyard of a mosque in Umm Al-Fahm on blessed Friday, congratulations and may Allah receive you in Heaven," wrote Fatah on its official Facebook page, as revealed by Palestinian Media Watch.
The Minister of National Guard expressed condolence and sympathy to the family of the martyr during his visit on Saturday evening to the home of the brother of the martyr in Riyadh, stressing that the martyr was martyred while he was doing his duty in defending of the borders of his country, praying to Allah almighty to bestow His mercy on the martyr.
Summary: Today is a moment of pride and honour because it reminds us of the martyrs' acts of heroism and gallantry, martyr's brother says
And he said: "To witness is to be a martyr. I am told by the Coptic Bishop in England that the Coptic Christians murdered in Libya last month died proclaiming that Jesus Christ is Lord.
NNA - March 14 Secretariat General on Friday eulogized in a statement the late former minister, martyr Mohammed Shatah, who got martyred in a terrorist operation on Friday morning in defense of the march of Lebanon the coexistence and the sovereign state.
Senator Haji Amanullah from Kandahar province said Afghanistan has several martyrs and if the day is named after one martyr then it would harm national unity.