marshal together

marshal someone or something together

to organize or gather someone or something together. The leader marshaled all his people together in preparation for the parade. Let's marshal the troops together for the attack.
See also: together
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But it is incumbent upon Pakistani investigators and the prosecution not to resort to legal gimmickry and to marshal together the reams of evidence they ought to have collected in Pakistan itself, to ensure those responsible for the horrific attacks are brought to justice.
The commission brings together all relevant actors seeking to marshal together resources and advise on integrated strategies for peace-building efforts.
But Bayrle was also underlining an early conclusion about China's awakening to industrialization just as Umberto Boccioni had framed Italy's in The City Rises, 1910: Bayrle understood that so massive was China's undertaking it could be grasped only by taking the long view; the workers' yellow, white, red, and green hats marshal together, forming the churning image of a tractor.
Newbury, for instance, standing on the river Kenet in Berkshire, was held by William Marshal, Earl of Pembroke, and his successors, marshals of England, until Roger Bigod lost the honor of earl marshal together with his possessions and then won them back (P v).
Jude Medical believes it is important to marshal together the resources, people and technologies to help find a cure for AF," said Jane J.
The leadership and foresight of ANSI to marshal together the certificate issuing bodies within the United States for this first-of-its-kind effort has begun the process of clearing up the confusion surrounding certificates for employees.