marry off

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marry someone off (to someone)

to manage to get someone married to someone and out of the house or family. Her parents wanted nothing more than to marry her off to a doctor. They married off their children soon.
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Those who agree to marry off their daughters at an early age and those who perform illegal marriages should be forced, with no exceptions, to accept the legal consequences of their actions.
ABHM's Mumbai leader Anil Pawar said, " The decision to marry off people proclaiming their love on Saturday could be implemented by those elsewhere.
Reflecting the desultory vibes of a college graduate as she rots at home for a year to the increasing chagrin of her dad, "Tamako in Moratorium" is a bittersweet family dramedy that could be a contempo variant on Ozu's "Late Spring," only instead of trying to marry off his daughter, this doting widower only prays the lazy bum would get a job.
It revolves around some city men, desperate to marry off their daughters.
The tale revolves around a group of men desperate to marry off their daughters.
Anil Mangre blamed social pressure on him to marry off his daughter.
AN imam caught agreeing to marry off a 14-year-old girl has been welcomed back to his mosque job, despite protests from worshippers.
Once she is Queen, she works with her meddling mama to marry off her side of the family and create a York line and keep the Lancastrians out.
NGOs supporting Syrian refugees arriving in Jordan report a rise in the number of families opting to marry off their daughters at a young age as a form of protection by "decent men" and insurance, in the face of widespread sexual violence in Syria.
Tenges was rejected by her three brothers, who reminded her that she was stupid to have refused to marry off her daughter when the dowry would have made her rich (Had she given in, her brothers would negotiate the bride price, receive the lion's share, and give the remainder to Tenges).
We think of ourselves as the "softer side of Home and we marry off very well with our BeautiJone paint division.
Summary: JEDDAH: Mohammed Mateen's journey toward his tragic end started when his father sold their only home to marry off one of his four sisters in India.
Roopi's mother, Mrs Sethi (Azmi) is delighted - maybe she will be finally able to marry off her overweight, self-conscious daughter.
Roopi's mother, Mrs Sethi (Shabana Azmi) is delighted - maybe she will be finally able to marry off her overweight, self-conscious daughter.
The Chairperson further added that it is saddening that parents and guardians marry off their children at an early age.