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maroon (one) on an island

To cause one to become stranded or stuck on an island. The captain will maroon us on an island if he insists on sailing in these dreadful conditions.
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maroon someone on an island

to strand someone on something; to abandon someone on something, such as an island. The pirate captain marooned his first mate on a small island in the Caribbean. Through a navigation error, I marooned myself on a tiny island east of Guam.
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Bilawal said that federal and GB government should not allow any delinquency on the part of administration and provide immediate rescue and relief to those marooned and affected by the flood and landslides.
The now infamous beach ball leaving Pepe Reina, and perhaps LFC's Premiership challenge marooned, the fleeting visit of QM2 and news that the region's tram scheme may be faltering, again.
The original tram scheme was hoping to attract gover nment funds for social inclusion, which would have seen the first line going out to an obviously marooned community, Kirkby.
Marooned because, like parts of Norris Green, Croxteth, Halewood, Tranmere, Ellesmere Port, Bootle and Crosby, to name just a few, the populations grew, or were imported, to provide the labour force for the then busy industrial estates and docks.
"Marooned: With Very Little Beer" is Graham Mackintosh's tale of his willing stay on a deserted island known as Baja California, roughing it.
Scottish mariner Alexander Selkirk is marooned on a South Pacific island--and becomes the model for Daniel Defoe's novel Robinson Crusoe.