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maroon (one) on an island

To cause one to become stranded or stuck on an island. The captain will maroon us on an island if he insists on sailing in these dreadful conditions.
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maroon someone on an island

to strand someone on something; to abandon someone on something, such as an island. The pirate captain marooned his first mate on a small island in the Caribbean. Through a navigation error, I marooned myself on a tiny island east of Guam.
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Maroon Group is comprised of several regional operating companies focussed on specific markets and geographies.
This represents Maroon Group's first foray into the CARE segment," Reichard added.
In Slavery and Slave Revolts: A Sociohistorical Analysis of the First Maroon War, [1665-1740], Orlando Patterson examines the nature of early Jamaican maroon revolts and delineates the dynamism and describes Jamaican colonial society as a "brittle, fragile, travesty of a society [.
Thus what Takitaki is used to denote, and what attitudes it reflects, varies from academics to tourist guides to the middle class to Amerindians to young and old Maroons to immigrants from the wider region, as well as according to one's (perception of one's) interlocutors.
Maroon Group also added Anne Madigan as an inside sales specialist.
Maroon 5, qui s'est forme a Los Angeles et qui est aujourd'hui l'un des groupes de la musique pop les plus marquants, a vendu plus de 17 millions d'albums dans le monde.
American pop rockers Maroon 5 play at Birmingham's LG Arena on Wednesday
The Acura and maroon car were the same two vehicles seen on Dorchester Street.
Maroon 5 cemented their status as modern pop juggernauts this year with new album Overexposed never slipping out of the Top Five.
As part of their world tour, Maroon 5 will perform live at the Gezira Youth Center in Zamalek on April 19 for the first time in Egypt.
Right now, all the equipments of the second turbine and power generator to be used in the second unit of the power plant have been manufactured and transferred to the workshop and equipments of the control and safety system of this unit are under construction," Executive-Manager of Maroon Power Plant Behnam Shafeyee Moqaddam announced on Sunday.
By the middle of the sixteenth century, maroon meant an African slave escaped from a plantation.
The entry in the Concise Oxford English Dictionary defines a maroon as a person descended from fugitive slaves in remote parts of Suriname and the West Indies.
For those of you who wish you could like Maroon 5, we give you Break As We Fall: a amiable young band based in Portland.
Since the Maroons inhabit a largely secret world, gaining access to them and to their stories is difficult: the Maroons look like other Jamaicans, and it is easy for them to remain anonymous and to hide their Maroon identity and their narratives to outsiders.