maroon on an island

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maroon someone on an island

to strand someone on something; to abandon someone on something, such as an island. The pirate captain marooned his first mate on a small island in the Caribbean. Through a navigation error, I marooned myself on a tiny island east of Guam.
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Maroon Group also added Anne Madigan as an inside sales specialist.
For UT graduate Richard Heller, who says he's not active in politics besides voting, Orange and Maroon Day is his only chance to get face time with his representatives.
Maroon 5, qui s'est forme a Los Angeles et qui est aujourd'hui l'un des groupes de la musique pop les plus marquants, a vendu plus de 17 millions d'albums dans le monde.
Maroon 5's latest music video has stirred up a lot of comments from the over three million viewers who watched "Animals" on YouTube channel Maroon5VEVO.
He said: "I am delighted that everyone can once again come to Tate Modern and see Rothko's magnificent Black on Maroon.
E-passports' covers are dark maroon with a logo of the International Civil Aviation Organisation below the word "PASAPORTE".
American pop rockers Maroon 5 play at Birmingham's LG Arena on Wednesday
The company's figures also show that Adele's Someone Like You is the most downloaded track ever in the UK, with Maroon 5 featuring Christina Aguilera at number two with Moves Like Jagger.
KELTY Marian Maroons need new strips - because their oversized hand-medowns refuse to shrink in the wash.
The Acura and maroon car were the same two vehicles seen on Dorchester Street.
Summary: Maroon 5 say the success of their hit single Moves Like Jagger gave them the idea to name their latest album Overexposed.
Jamaican Maroon oral histories recognize an ancestry of African and indigenous origins, and this is supported by empirical evidence in the form of material culture, specifically the uses of plants as medicine.
The fact that Maroon 5 are the first international band to perform in Egypt after the revolution is very fitting.
15:30 Hezbollah affiliated association of Jihad construction tree planting campaign under the patronage of senior party official Hashem Safiyy Dine at Maroon Ras/ South Lebanon