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Its one thing when Bubba claims the deer rifle you worked on won't shoot true and quite another when an Olympic Gold medalist marksman does.
Unlike the ACOG, the MR/T is typically used by extremely well-trained designated marksman.
Now that it was determined that the Marksman goes bang when the trigger is pulled, the question is, how accurate is it?
In fact, Falcon, the "natural marksman," proposes that slavery is merely a metonym of a far more significant scar, one deeply embedded in the human psyche: "'Mind was made for murder.
Marksman Ranging Technologies provides active ranging solutions to the steam assisted gravity drainage, collision avoidance, wellbore intercept, coal bed methane and other complex drilling markets.
One of the dogs was shot by a marksman while the other was contained in a garden and then taken to a specialist dog unit.
When Watkins ran out of the house with the airgun aimed at police, a marksman fired a single bullet into his abdomen.
The figures were released as it was announced a police marksman, who shot a woman after she refused to lay down an air pistol, would not be prosecuted.
A police marksman, identified only as Pc Alpha, wept as he told the inquest on Tuesday how he felled Gifford with a single shot to the stomach when he was just eight paces away.
A MAN shot dead by police marksman at Heathrow after "firing" shots at them was holding a replica handgun, it was revealed last night.
Perhaps it would be best to classify customers in the same way shooting skills are rated: marksman, sharpshooter, expert and master.
West Brom's transfer-listed Lee Hughes is 5-1 favourite, though which division the Baggies' marksman will be playing in is anyone's guess.
Mr Duggan, 29, was shot by a marksman when armed officers stopped the taxi he was travelling in.
Leon Scott was an early marksman before Lee Bell levelled for the Mariners but, with four minutes remaining, Steve Johnson rounded goalkeeper Tom Courtney and fired into the empty net for the winner.