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Although ink-jet printing has the same advantage of electronic reprogrammability and high speed, it reportedly is more limited than laser marking in the types of plastics to which it adheres.
One limitation of laser marking is that it produces only monochromatic results, although shading can be controlled from very light to very dark.
Additional forms of marking are required by insurers in the UK, Sweden and South Africa, in line with each vehicle's degree of theft risk.
The report also details the use of microdot parts marking in Australia and New Zealand and the significant impact this has had on car crime statistics.
Since 16 Sep 2005, authorities at domestic and foreign ports and air terminals can refuse to forward shipments that use wood packaging materials lacking the proper certification markings.
Marking uncured rubber extrusions--the challenge While advancements in product marking and tracking have been introduced to various areas of the manufacturing process, the marking of uncured stock, extruded tread and calendered products, in particular, has remained unchanged for decades.
In essence, there has long been a real opportunity to generate manufacturing savings through a more advanced, integrated marking method that would be able to place real-time tracking information on a moving substrate without contacting the surface.
Class E Commercial high-rise building owners will have to install low level emergency evacuation way-finding markings on doors leading to emergency stairs, on stairwell walls and handrails; they are required to mark stair steps, mark paths around potential hazards, and obstructions (i.
Florescent lighting is best to properly charge PL markings.
In terms of the marking format technologies (typically referred to as automation "syntax" and "semantics"), the U.
Aesthetic" laser marking is the 10% of the market that has lots of potential for growth in replacing ink-based technologies.
Thus, Falcon's complicity in the horrors of the human marketplace makes him paranoid about his grip on power: He "'keeps a list of personal affronts,'" marking them in his log, always watching "'for a man's weaknesses once he's signed on'" (63); his quarters are rigged with a "webwork of traps," including "spring-released darts coated with curare" (53).
today announced that it will design, build and test a new single process, mobile marking system with the United States Coast Guard (USCG) Aircraft Repair and Supply Center (ARSC) that will apply human and machine-readable part identification markings to USCG flight safety critical aircraft parts (FSCAP).
A new management system enabled through AIT and parts marking could not be implemented without major process re-engineering.
They have striking colors and markings that warn their predators that they taste bad and may even be poisonous.