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Monson: The role of marketing research falls into two main areas--measuring past performance and helping to predict future behavior.
With effective marketing research we can understand the impact on attitudes and perceptions and hopefully predict how those impacts translate into sales.
Gwen Jones, ethnic marketing development director for American Family Insurance, Madison, Wis.
As an African-American targeting insurance to both mainstream and multicultural groups, Moses believes the key to successful ethnic marketing lies with a continuous commitment to the communities being served.
Specialized programs help define a marketing niche.
In management, collection-development practice, program planning and evaluation, and, in other areas of library operations, marketing practices are used, but are simply not recognized as possible components of a comprehensive marketing plan.
In-service education programs need to be expanded to introduce employees to the role of marketing and to reinforce the vital role all staff play in creating and shaping the reputation of a facility.
The primary role of top management in modern casting marketing should be to exert a positive, supportive and controlling force upon overall marketing strategy and performance, but not get involved in the day-to-day operations and decisions.
This includes marketing, product, financial and channel management.
winning an understanding and acceptance of the importance of the companywide marketing concept, which starts with top management and filters down through middle management and supervision in all departments;
The SEMDirector Marketing Action Platform is provided as a hosted solution, eliminating the need for costly infrastructure and accelerating the time to value.
Gartner, in its findings on marketing performance management, predicts that by 2008, more than 60 percent of Global 1000 companies will deploy analytics outside of database marketing that improve visibility and accountability of marketing operations and programs (0.
According to Mike Coakley, vice president of Epsilon, a leading marketing service provider, "The new capabilities in Affinium 7 will enable Epsilon to enhance our integrated marketing services offering to leading Fortune 2000 brands.
More specifically, 78 percent of respondents agreed that "technology is vital to their success" and 77 percent stated that enterprise marketing software(1) could help address their current challenges.