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lay down the marker

To set an authoritative example or standard for others to follow. By intervening in this conflict, our country shall lay down the marker that terrorism cannot and will not go unpunished in any corner of the Earth. Her breakthrough research laid down the marker for geneticists for decades to come.
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put down a marker

COMMON If you put down a marker, you do something that shows people what you are capable of, or what you intend to do in the future. Bates has certainly put down a marker of intent in his ambitions for the title. Note: Verbs such as set and lay can be used instead of put. St Mel's, winners of more titles than any other team, have set down a marker for those who might hope to beat them later in the season.
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n. a personal promissory note; an IOU. Bart signed a marker for $3,000 and handed it to Sam.
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In addition, the company spokesperson said, the Platinum Series of wet erase markers is also perfect for teachers to use in their classrooms, bistro owners to write their menus and business owners to use as window markers to highlight sales.
com)-- Transparency Market Research published a new market report "Cell Surface Markers Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2013 - 2019.
North Grafton, last week, and charged him with receiving stolen property valued at more than $250 and crimes against morality and decency by removing grave markers.
Automatic recognition of marker on image of robot is general problem of object recognition.
Studying incremental marker value is of utmost importance, particularly in the settings of genomics and proteomics.
Gasoil marker at 19:30 UK time (14:30 EDT) with a premium and discount trade facility of +/- 0.
The following sections describe the design and calibration of the physical model, the marker sets investigated, and the experimental protocol used to determine the accuracy of each marker set between midstance and late stance, where errors in ankle angles were thought to be most pronounced.
The passive antenna inside an electronic marker is suspended in a liquid that keeps the antenna properly oriented for maximum signal strength and accuracy, regardless of the position of the ball.
Stewart's marker still remained unfilled, even though Nevada officials announced in September that they would sidestep the VA and provide a marker engraved with a pentacle.
Surface-mounted markers provide a lower profile and are good when post-mounted markers are unpractical or objectionable.
Kobayashi achieved a major breakthrough in developing the new marker system with the discovery that tumors appear to grow in a way similar to human fetuses and possess a similar structure.
About a quarter of these endangered cats live in Namibia, a country in southwest Africa that Marker also calls home.
These markers feature distinctive, durable tips, which can be used to create broad lines by tipping the marker at an angle, or to create fine lines by using the tapered point of the marker.
A cancer marker allows one to distinguish cancer cells from non-cancerous cells.
The marker selection process should focus on the design of protein marker panels that are most useful in clinical situations with under met needs.