mark (someone or something) off

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mark (someone or something) off

1. To put a mark of some kind by a name or thing on a list as an indication of something (e.g., completion of a task, attendance of something, etc.). Please mark off each item on the list if you see it in the warehouse. I'll mark you off when I am satisfied you've done the assignment as I requested.
2. To lower the score or grade of someone or something. The professor marked me off because I didn't show all of my work. While we really like the internal specs of the phone, we have to mark it off because of the cheap-feeling plastic they used in its body.
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mark someone or something off

 and mark someone or something out
to cross off the name of someone or something. They were late, so I marked them off. I marked off the late people. Could you mark that title out? It has been discontinued.
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mark off

1. To indicate the boundary of some region: The rows of trees on either side of the property mark off our part of it. The lime marks the playing field off.
2. To make a mark or sign by the name of someone or something on some list, especially to indicate completion of a task or an intention to do a task: As I delivered each package, I marked off the name of the addressee to make sure I hadn't forgotten anyone. Well, that task is finished, so let's mark it off the list.
3. To lower someone's score or grade by some amount due to some error: My professor marked me off a grade for being late. The teacher marks off five points for each spelling error. The judges marked the dancers off for dancing over the time limit.
See also: mark, off
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The man, who wished not to be named, said: "As they called out the numbers for each draw I wrote them down on a piece of paper and later that night I marked them off on my Lotto ticket.
And it was this role, they believed, that marked them off from other forms of life as uniquely worthy, thereby giving human lives a special meaning and eternal existence not shared by other animals or inanimate objects.