marked man

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marked man

A person who is targeted for harm or retaliation of some kind. After Ed alerted the authorities about the corruption that took place within the company, he became a marked man.
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*marked man

Fig. to be someone, usually a male, who is in danger from harm by someone else. (*Typically: be ~; live like ~.) Bob's a marked man. His parents found out that he's skipping school. Fred's a marked man, too. Jack is looking for him to get his money back.
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a marked ˈman

a man who is in danger of being killed by his enemies: When they discovered he was a spy, he became a marked man.
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He said: "Some of his bookings have been harsh and there is no question that he is a marked man - takes a battering every week.
He's going to find himself a very marked man out there because the only way to stop him in full flow is to bring him down.
He's a marked man out there because the only way to stop him is to put him down and he needs to be protected.
It's fair to say he has become a bit of a marked man - Fulham stuck tight to him and doubled up on him at times last Saturday.
Ideas "I am marked man now, everybody knows my tactics, so you have got to come up with new ideas.
the teams at the top of this MARKED MAN J Rhodes group - us, Scotland, Holland
Not one of the ten rivals Marked Man faces in Towcester's long-distance handicap chase had been born when the now veteran made his debut in October 2001.
But Phillips insists: "I don't think I'll be a marked man any more than usual.
Having consistently left a trail of defenders in his wake since this year's Six Nations, he knows he has become a marked man.
for spring training already a marked man with Anaheim fans after parlaying his first big season in an eight-year career into an outrageous $50 million contract with the Angels.
Professional Footballers' Association chief executive Gordon Taylor fears Drogba is in danger of becoming a marked man with top-flight referees thanks to a succession of incidents which have brought his sportsmanship into question.
Rutherford Calhoun, the hero of Middle Passage, is also a marked man.
JERRY LeVIAS: A MARKED MAN is more than just a football story; it's also a social history about what life was like for blacks in Texas during the '50s and '60s.
We all get frustrated by referees' decisions but I think he is becoming a marked man.
While X-Men star Hugh Jackman is on the books of the agency with a PS70million revenue, Hamilton has been told he could be a marked man.