mark my word(s)

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mark my word(s)

Pay attention to and remember what I am saying, because it will happen. Mark my words, Penny will be glad she made this decision one day. Mark my word, Jonah, I will get even with you if it's the last thing I do.
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mark my word(s)

Fig. remember what I'm telling you. Mark my word, you'll regret this. This whole project will fail—mark my words.
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mark my words

Pay attention to what I say, as in Mark my words, that man is not to be trusted. This admonition first appeared in Miles Coverdale's 1535 translation of the Bible (Isaiah 28:23).
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ˌmark my ˈwords

(old-fashioned, spoken) (often used for introducing a warning) listen carefully to what I am saying: He’ll be back, mark my words! He never stays away for long.
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Crashing out of favour As usual, Val's efforts to make amends fall way off the mark WORDS SARAH MORGAN It's been a while since Emmerdale's plots have tickled our fancy, but those Yorkshire Dales-based folk are back on top form this week.
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One register label, formal, is used to mark words that are typically limited to specialized settings, such as prayers and religious liturgies, social announcements, and diplomatic documents, where the words have special nuances and a traditional place.
The emotion scale test listed a series of descriptive words (like "angry," "scared," and "bothered"), and asked participants to mark words that described how they felt right then.
But sadly the editor fails to mark words and meanings that are confined to poetry, or, perhaps more pertinent to the case for genre, found only in the texts of this edition.
MARK WORDS OF TRAINER: Henry Candy is bullish about the chances of jolly Markab in big sprint at Ripon BRIAN SMART