mark off

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mark (someone or something) off

1. To put a mark of some kind by a name or thing on a list as an indication of something (e.g., completion of a task, attendance of something, etc.). Please mark off each item on the list if you see it in the warehouse. I'll mark you off when I am satisfied you've done the assignment as I requested.
2. To lower the score or grade of someone or something. The professor marked me off because I didn't show all of my work. While we really like the internal specs of the phone, we have to mark it off because of the cheap-feeling plastic they used in its body.
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mark someone or something off

 and mark someone or something out
to cross off the name of someone or something. They were late, so I marked them off. I marked off the late people. Could you mark that title out? It has been discontinued.
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mark off

1. To indicate the boundary of some region: The rows of trees on either side of the property mark off our part of it. The lime marks the playing field off.
2. To make a mark or sign by the name of someone or something on some list, especially to indicate completion of a task or an intention to do a task: As I delivered each package, I marked off the name of the addressee to make sure I hadn't forgotten anyone. Well, that task is finished, so let's mark it off the list.
3. To lower someone's score or grade by some amount due to some error: My professor marked me off a grade for being late. The teacher marks off five points for each spelling error. The judges marked the dancers off for dancing over the time limit.
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To win a Battleship cash prize, you must mark off every panel in a prize picture panel on your gamecard, using the co-ordinates published in the Daily Mirror with the correct Daily Mirror gamecard.
You must only mark off numbers that appear in the Sunday Mail and Daily Record for the week in play.
Despite an increase of 5lb, Cassia Heights is still below the mark off which he won at Aintree last year.
The walls and the floors were painted in Superflex's signature colors-orange, white, black-to mark off each project, while the titles and explanatory texts appeared on the walls like the bold slogans of billboards.
The only catch is that, unlike a department store wedding registry, the wish list won't be electronic, so buyers will need to come back to the concierge to mark off what they've bought.
DARREN Morris, of Grangetown, boated a specimen pouting of 3lb 2oz when he fished a mark off Stout Point from Paul Crossman's charter boat Ben Joma.
Use string or rope to mark off dangerous areas such as cliffs and river beds.
The game was scoreless until Jaime Miralles scored at the 80:44 mark off a Jordan Jones assist.
Using the six published co-ordinates, mark off the corresponding panels on your grid.
Mark off every square in a prize picture panel to claim the cash prize indicated.
Although his last Flat outing in October 2007 was off a mark off 75, Bowen was able to buy him for just 3,500gns at the Newmarket July sales this year.
Investigators strung yellow police tape on Joshua tree trunks to mark off the area where body parts where found, then searched outside the tape looking for parts that might have been dragged off by animals.
I let Mark off the hook and if you do that with a big fish like him you spend the rest of the day pulling out old boots.