mark my words

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mark my word(s)

Pay attention to and remember what I am saying, because it will happen. Mark my words, Penny will be glad she made this decision one day. Mark my word, Jonah, I will get even with you if it's the last thing I do.
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mark my words

Pay attention to what I say, as in Mark my words, that man is not to be trusted. This admonition first appeared in Miles Coverdale's 1535 translation of the Bible (Isaiah 28:23).
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ˌmark my ˈwords

(old-fashioned, spoken) (often used for introducing a warning) listen carefully to what I am saying: He’ll be back, mark my words! He never stays away for long.
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It had been tougher for Mark My Words earlier, but he had just enough in hand to hold off the always-prominent Farloe Elektra by a short-head in 38.
Mark my words, if England give him the job for Euro 2012, they will be a laughing stock.
Sallis got Mark My Words through to the Produce final and also chosen for the select stakes while Chris produced a very exciting youngster in Maireads Hawk, a son of the great Westmead Hawk, to win down at Hove in a time comparable to the Sussex Cup semi-finals.
Mark my words, if we were to follow all these energy-saving proposals all that will happen is that the utility companies will raise their prices to compensate for the drop in usage.
Mark my words, the clock is ticking toward a total retail ban and these are just some of the examples that show why it must be done.
Mark my words, if this had happened to England there would be public outcry.
It will end up in the skip, unusable, you mark my words.
Essex Vase Coral: 10-3 Smiler Jack, 11-2 Blonde Fletch, Westmead Maldini, 8 Mark My Words, 10 Ding Hero, 14 Lenson Ginger, Brave The Times, 16 Pennys Midas, Planning, Bridge Bandit, Droopys English, 20 Slippery Patch, Bubbly Ebony, 25 Rockburst Lenny, 33 Droopys Franklin, Mountjoy Orion, Diesel Malc, Bubbly Jaytee, Bubbly Rossie, Rockview Sail, Adageo Brae, Romeo Patriot, 40 Darian Chief, Carden Twilight, 50 bar.
But mark my words, all is not well in director Danny Boyle's post-apocalyptic vision.
Out since August, his book, Mark My Words Big Ken, is proving highly popular.
Next there'll be Franz Ferdinand cross stitch kits and that guy from the Darkness will start wearing nice chunky Aran knit bodysuits with woolly tassels on the crotch - you mark my words.
Tulu immediately recruited her cousin Dibaba and sorted out the changes to the flight tickets in Addis Ababa - mark my words not an easy thing to do over there," said Elliott.
You mark my words, all this horse needs is fast ground and he's top class as he showed with 12 stone at Taunton.
Sussex Cup finalist Mark My Words is also 16-1 - he is set for bid for a second Monmore 630m title at the Gold Cup festival later this month following his Summer Stayers' Classic victory in June.
Mark my words, the Clintons aren't finished with the White House yet.