mark my words

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mark my word(s)

Pay attention to and remember what I am saying, because it will happen. Mark my words, Penny will be glad she made this decision one day. Mark my word, Jonah, I will get even with you if it's the last thing I do.
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mark my words

Pay attention to what I say, as in Mark my words, that man is not to be trusted. This admonition first appeared in Miles Coverdale's 1535 translation of the Bible (Isaiah 28:23).
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ˌmark my ˈwords

(old-fashioned, spoken) (often used for introducing a warning) listen carefully to what I am saying: He’ll be back, mark my words! He never stays away for long.
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mark my words

Listen to me because you’ll see I’m right in the end. This term, found in the Coverdale translation of the Bible (1535) in the Book of Isaiah (“Pondre and merck my wordes wel,” 28:23), has been used as an admonishment ever since.
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References in classic literature ?
"Mark my words!" he cried with abrupt positiveness.
But some day, mark my words, she'll turn on him and give him what for, and their friendship will get a terrible smash."
"He said, 'Mark my words! There is something under the surface in connection with Mr.
Now then, I said, I go to meet that which I liken to the greatest of the waves; yet shall the word be spoken, even though the wave break and drown me in laughter and dishonour; and do you mark my words.
Bowls cautioned her lodger against venturing into the lion's den, "wherein you will rue it, Miss B., mark my words, and as sure as my name is Bowls." And Briggs promised to be very cautious.
But he won't do it, Bunny; mark my words, he'll search the ship and search us all, when the loss is known; but he'll search in vain.
"'Ell's to pay, sir, on this 'ere craft, an' mark my word for it, sir.
Black Michael's as good as new agin an' 'e's not the bully to stand fer it, not 'e; an' mark my word for it, sir."
They means murder, sir, an' mark my word for it, sir."
"That's all, only keep a still tongue in yer 'ead, or they'll put a pill between yer ribs, an' mark my word for it, sir," and the old fellow went on with his polishing, which carried him away from where the Claytons were standing.
mixed work young Mark my words, we might both be from the same city and county but I am nothing like Phil Lo Greco that's a guarantee.
Mark my words and search for the first Spanish Dollar where the Liver Bird looks out to the river.
"Mark my words, next year will be the year for touring."
Keep up the great work and mark my words: Many more great, positive African American movies are on the way.
He has flown in from the United States for Sunday's race, and said of Pavey: "Mark my words, just as others before her have found out, all the extra mileage will make her stronger and a much faster track runner."