mark in

mark something in

to write or make a mark on something, perhaps in a box or on a line. I will mark an X in the box by your name. I'll mark in the X.
See also: mark
References in classic literature ?
My grandsire,'' said Hubert, ``drew a good bow at the battle of Hastings, and never shot at such a mark in his life and neither will I.
Then he chose the stoutest bow among them all, next to Robin's own, and a straight gray goose shaft, well-feathered and smooth, and stepping to the mark--while all the band, sitting or lying upon the greensward, watched to see him shoot--he drew the arrow to his cheek and loosed the shaft right deftly, sending it so straight down the path that it clove the mark in the very center.
He added "Allying with the INA means eliminating the sectarian alliances and will be a healthy mark in the political process especially if we put in consideration that INA is different from the previous Alliance.
However, the total admitted assets for the top 25 insurers broke through the $1 trillion mark in 2007, totaling $1.