mark down

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mark someone down

[for a teacher] to give someone a low score. He'll mark you down for misspelled words. I marked down Tom for bad spelling.
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mark something down

1. Lit. to write something down on paper. She marked the number down on the paper. She marked down the number.
2. Fig. to reduce the price of something. We are going to mark all this merchandise down next Monday. We marked down the merchandise.
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mark down

Reduce the price of something, as in If they mark down these shoes, I'll buy two pairs. The mark here alludes to the label indicating a price. [Mid-1800s]
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mark down

1. To write a description or symbol for something observed; make a note of something: I marked down the characteristics of every bird I saw in the woods. Did you mark the directions down?
2. To lower the price of something offered for sale: The department store marked down all of its shoes last week by 20 percent. The baker marks the bread down an hour before closing.
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Among those retailers planning to take mark downs the same time as last year, the majority (41 percent) said price reductions will happen between one to four weeks before the week of Christmas, which has been the traditional time period in the industry.
Excess inventory has always existed on in-store mark down racks or in a handful of outlet stores - places where retailers don't typically generate revenue," said Phil London, senior vice president, products and technology, ATG.
The new system has reduced the number of products we must mark down, and now we are replenishing products based on what we are actually selling, not on what we thought was selling," added Mr.
Richard was presented with his award at The Royal Society in London on Dr Richard his certificate from June 27 by chief executive of the Society of Biology, Dr Mark Downs.
Operating income, excluding provisions and securities mark downs, increased by 2.
Mark Downs, 39, of Hackney, East London, was one of four people facing various charges at Southwark crown court.