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by a margin (of something)

By a particular amount of something, especially points in a game or contest, over or below another amount. Seventeen to one? Wow, I can't believe they won by such a large margin. Don't get cocky—you guys only won by a margin of three points.
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by a wide margin

By a large amount; by a lot. We won that game by a wide margin! I think the final score was 10-1.
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on the margins of (something)

Existing at the periphery of a larger group, receiving less or little attention compared to the majority. The collective has been on the margins of the New York art scene for many years, but they are finally beginning to get some recognition from the mainstream. The laws rarely take into account those on the margins of society who are often the most vulnerable or in need of assistance.
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In the mean time the vessel of skin had reached the land, and the fugitives were once more united on the margin of the river.
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Margin expansion was attributed to the company's increased focus on research and development (R and D) and its ability to effectively pass on price changes to customers.
<p style="margin: 0in; margin-bottom: .0001pt; vertical-align: top;">"When it comes to our pets, very few are prepared for emergencies," said spokesperson Omar Malik of Life Care Group Inc.
FIS' Cleared Derivatives Margin Advisor replicates margin requirements for current or hypothetical portfolios in real-time across the diverse exchange traded derivatives market supported by FIS post-trade systems.
The average net profit margin of all listed firms was 19.4 percent in 2015, before shrinking to 14.5 percent last year.
As such, the OMC's margin would go up to Rs2.64 per litre from Rs2.55 while dealer's commission would rise to Rs3.47 per litre instead of Rs3.35.
In other words, the solvency margin requires that the value of assets should exceed the value of liabilities by a certain margin.
The CAP breast cancer protocols detail many factors in addition to margin status that impact patient management.
Wilmington Trust, a provider of corporate and institutional services including custody and collateral solutions for a wide variety of financial institutions, insurance companies, health care organizations, educational institutions, and publicly traded entities in the United States, has engaged AcadiaSoft to launch a new "Margin Management" service for clients, the company said.
16-21: Approval: 38%, Disapproval: 55%; Margin: -17%
In all the cases, a margin of 1 cm around the tumour was attempted.
The isolates were grown on 8 different solid media to select best media for growth viz., Potato Dextrose Agar (PDA), Potato Carrot Agar (PCA), Czapek's Dox Agar (CDA), Host Extract Agar (HEA), Oat Meal Agar (OMA), Corn Meal Agar (CMA), Sabouraud's -Dextrose Agar (SDA) and V8 Juice Agar (V8JA) and to find the difference in colony characters such as radial growth, type of colony margin, colour of margin, mycelial growth, sectoring and sporulation.
Qatar Stock Exchange announced the introduction of Margin Trading at QSE and the start of application process to allow QSE members get licensed as Margin Lenders.