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son of the manse

A son of a minister, typically Presbyterian. Primarily heard in UK. Rogers, a son of the manse, is proving to be one of the most influential—and controversial—of our times.
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daughter of the manse

A daughter of a minister, typically Presbyterian. Primarily heard in UK. Though a daughter of the manse, Theresa was an ardent atheist.
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son (or daughter) of the manse

the child of a minister, especially a Presbyterian.
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Main features: pumping and transport of leachates from the non-hazardous waste storage facility at berbiac (09500 manses) to the laroque d~olmes wastewater treatment plant.
One canon's house in particular was known as "Tam Framper's Manse", because, Orem tells us, "it was haunted".
The first manse was built by Canon Thomas Edname, the prebendary of Clatt Parish, around the late 1400s.
The name Framper is a complete mystery, but there are stories of a ghostly figure seen gardening in the old manse plot.
La interrogacion acerca de los contextos de uso de las manses dio como resultado su caracterizacion como relatos semejantes a "chismes" de poca importancia, narrados en diversas situaciones: encuentros ocasionales entre vecinos, entornos domesticos, reuniones familiares o de amigos.
"se hablaba, y en la conversacion fluia, despues uno decia 'que estuviste haciendo en el mercado?' 'escuche manses', era manses pero en sentido peyorativo".
Notese que en el corto dialogo referido, el sujeto de la enunciacion que introduce el termino no se presenta como narrador de manses, sino como oyente.
He said yesterday: "Manses are a menace." Mr Reid also urged the axing of many overseas ministries.
In my presbytery, there is a regulation that, normally, only the accrued interest from the capital derived from the sale of a manse may be used.
Main features: Pumping and transport of leachate from the landfill activity of non-hazardous waste Berbiac (09,500 Manses) the WWTP Laroque d~Olmes) (09,600
Location of works, place of delivery supplies or performance: Locality Berbiac 09500 Manses
St Mary's Manse in Haddington, a grade B-listed building, is for sale at offers over pounds 825,000.
Elders have decided to sell the manse and buy a more suitable home for the incoming minister.
Names such as The Old Manse, The Rectory, The Vicarage or The Parsonage are associated with classic old houses, but the title doesn't make the house the real thing.
According to the Halifax bank, which researches house names, The Old Manse is the 12th most popular in Britain, followed by The Vicarage in 16th spot.