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daughter of the manse

A daughter of a minister, typically Presbyterian. Primarily heard in UK, Scotland. Though a daughter of the manse, Theresa was an ardent atheist.
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son of the manse

A son of a minister, typically Presbyterian. Primarily heard in UK, Scotland. Rogers, a son of the manse, is proving to be one of the most influential—and controversial—of our times.
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son (or daughter) of the manse

the child of a minister, especially a Presbyterian.
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After an hour at the Old Manse, tour members stopped at the Colonial Inn for lunch, before heading over to Orchard House to hear about the accomplished Alcott clan.
The Manse was not just a wedding cottage in the country; it had borne witness to the birth of a revolutionary nation from the moment that its first occupant, the Patriot Reverend William Emerson (Ralph Waldo Emerson's grandfather), had peered through its windows at the raging battle below and volunteered in ministerial service to General Washington.
"Latin is so interdisciplinary," says Manse. "In addition to language, you learn history, the law, and culture.
Al Mansell, state senator and CEO of Manse II & Associates, is now chairman of the board of trustees.
Mind you, the Big Man himself is a bit of a dog-lover and for years he kept a labrador in the Manse.
His son James, second of the five Carroll boys raised on General's Row next to General Curtis Lemay's manse at a Washington air base, condemned the U.S.
We were motivated in this direction when I first visited our two new assisted living sites, The Manse (48 residents) and Sierra Vista Retirement Center (62 residents).
By 1842, however, Hawthorne's writing was producing a sufficient income to allow him to marry Sophia Peabody; the couple rented the Old Manse in Concord and began a happy three-year period that Hawthorne would later record in his essay "The Old Manse."
tale by <IR> NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE </IR> , collected in his <IR> MOSSES FROM AN OLD MANSE </IR> (1846).
Having found communal living unattractive, Hawthorne brought his bride to the Old Manse in Concord, Massachusetts.
Rev Wes Brandon has moved nearly 4,000 miles from his home in Tennessee to take up his new role in Buckie - moving into the manse with his two kittens Fin and Knockie, who he has named after local villages.
THORNHILL Renewal of planning permission 15/00773/PPP for erection of two houses under Regulation 11 of Development Management Procedure (Scotland) Regulations 2013 at Norrieston Church Manse, Main Street FK8 3PW for Mr IanTurner.
Following a short postponement, the second phase in Netherton Road - between Carbarns Road and Old Manse Road - resumed on Monday and will last for five and a half months causing roadworks misery for drivers.