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to the manner born

Coming naturally, as if accustomed from birth. She grew up in poverty, but since she became famous she has taken to rubbing shoulders with the upper crust as if to the manner born.
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to the manor born

1. Coming naturally; (as if) accustomed from birth. A corruption of the phrase "to the manner born." Often used in reference to sports, especially in the UK and Ireland. He was a man of many pastimes, talents, and aspirations. He could run a high-powered business meeting in the evening, and then go head-bang at a punk-rock concert like he was to the manor born. The new captain, though only 22 years old, looked to the manor born on the rugby pitch this afternoon.
2. (As if) born to a wealthy or aristocratic family. The famous movie star always acts as if she was to the manor born, though in reality she grew up in abject poverty. The historic mansion now serves as a hotel, allowing guests to feel to the manor born, if only for a short while.
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to the manner born

Accustomed from birth to a particular behavior or lifestyle, as in At a high-society function she behaves as though to the manner born, but we know she came from very humble circumstances . This term was invented by Shakespeare in Hamlet. Referring to the King's carousing in Danish style, Hamlet says (1:4): "Though I am native here And to the manner born, it is a custom More honor'd in the breach than the observance." The manner in this expression was later sometimes changed to manor, "the main house of an estate," and the idiom's sense became equated with "high-born" (and therefore accustomed to luxury), a way in which it is often used today.
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to the manner born

naturally at ease in a specified way of life, job, or situation.
This comes from Shakespeare's Hamlet: ‘though I am native here And to the manner born’. Punning on this expression, to the manor born is used to refer to someone who has aristocratic origins.
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(as if) to the ˌmanner ˈborn

(formal) as if a job, a social position, etc. were completely natural to you: He rides round in a Rolls Royce as if to the manner born.
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to the manner born

Accustomed to a position, custom, or lifestyle from or as if from birth.
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to the manner/manor born

Used to elegance and luxury. This term originated with Shakespeare, who in Hamlet (1.4) wrote, “Though I am native here, And to the manner born,—it is a custom more honour’d in the breach than the observance.” Although Hamlet was discussing his father’s corpse waking and carousing, so that manner here simply means “way of doing things,” it later was often corrupted to manor, meaning the home of the well-to-do, and so the expression came to mean high-born and therefore accustomed to the best of everything. O. Henry played with it in The Venturers (1910): “He ordered dinner with the calm deliberation of one who was to the menu born.” A delightful British television comedy series of the 1970s may have helped preserve the cliché with its title To the Manor Born, but it may be dying out nevertheless.
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