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Once again, President Duterte shows his crude manner of speaking by asserting 'freedom of expression' as his justification for expressing himself in public without regard to decency ('Du30 says women misunderstand him; 'chief misogynist' still rates high,' 3/13/19) .
Arif Alvi has said that the Parliament has an important role in supporting Election Commission to hold general elections in a more transparent, free and fair manner.
Why learning 'Good manner' today is becoming more important than ever.
A 28-year-old man who behaved in a threatening manner at a Dumfries housing estate has been made the subject of a community payback order at the town's sheriff court.
And after police detained him the 38-year-old made sectarian remarks during a journey from Balfron to the police station At Stirling Sheriff Court, Leishman had admitted two charges - one of acting in a racially aggravated manner, and the other of behaving in a threatening and abusive manner aggravated by religious prejudice.
Through a derivative of "old school" bedside manner, we explore the concept of deskside manner as an emerging practice that can help foster enhanced stability for tertiary students, particularly in the transition phase.
Is the expression to the manner born or to the manor born?
William Hanson, a senior etiquette tutor at The English Manner, which specialises in teaching manners and etiquette, agrees that manners aren't as good as they once were - and not just among children.
The English Manner, which specialises in teaching manners and etiquette and has a school in Dubai, agrees that people, not just children, don't have the manners of past generations.
It's her manner when she knows she's got you; no need for flash or sass or for too much in the way of Johnsonian syntactic mastery.
The total want of all the usual courtesies of the table, the voracious rapidity with which the viands were seized and devoured, the strange uncouth phrases and pronunciation; the loathsome spitting, from the contamination of which it was absolutely impossible to protect our dresses, the frightful manner of feeding with their knives, till the whole blade seemed to enter into the mouth; and the still more frightful manner of cleaning the teeth afterwards with a pocket knife, soon forced us to feel that we were not surrounded by the generals, colonels and majors of the old-world.
Manner Inc., a subsidiary of Manner Resins of Annapolis, Md., has collected and recycled 10 million pounds of burlap, the company said.
Many educators, researchers and parents continue to complain that today's youth--and even many adults too--are unable to act in a civil manner. The advent of technology and the "I want it now" philosophy have made people forget their manners.