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be put through the mangle

To be subjected to some ordeal, difficulty, trial, or punishment; to undergo an unpleasant experience. Between my mother's bout with cancer, Jenny losing her job, and the bank threatening to foreclose on the house, our family has really been put through the mangle this year. Jake wasn't a great fit for the military, and he was constantly being put through the mangle for disobedience.
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put (someone) through the mangle

To subject someone to some ordeal, difficulty, trial, or punishment; to force someone to undergo an unpleasant experience. My mother's recent bout with cancer has really put us through the mangle this year. I don't think Jake is a great fit for the military. His superiors are constantly putting him through the mangle for his disobedience.
See also: mangle, put, through
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Probably the worst moment of Hutchins' career came in front of the Vipers' fans two years ago when he was a Coventry Blaze player following an altercation with former Viper Mel Angelstad, an incident which saw The Mangler leave Newcastle and Hutchins vilified by the home fans.
Even the legendary language mangler Bush didn't drop a clanger like that.
Drafted in as a replacement for cult hero Mel 'The Mangler' Angelstad last season, the Ontario-born player lived up to his coach's expectations.
Giants have also signed enforcer Mel 'the Mangler' Angelstadt to protect the more skilled players.
The Cat in The Hat (PG) The Dr Seuss children's classic gets put through the mangler with sexual innuendo, toilet humour and Mike Myers at hismanic unfunny worst.
Variety, Hollywood "bible" and noted mangler of the English language, played the game with the mobbed-up craft union IATSE (International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees) back in Depression-era Hollywood.
Western Isles Council became the first local authority in the UK to own a motor mangler after 600 wrecks were dumped in the islands in a year - the third highest figure in Scotland, despite having a population of only 27,000.
YOU knew CBB had started when she told Donny: "I'll put your wet jeans through the mangler." Not as much fun as she thinks she is.
He might be the nation's number one buffoon, a mangler of language to inspire envy in Mrs Malaprop and a bit of a political parasite grabbing pay and publicly-owned palaces for doing, well .
The Mangler, who arrived on Tyneside plugging his own fighting DVD, lashed out with his stick at Coventry Blaze enforcer Dave Hutchins in Vipers' 6-2 win, a move that turned out to be his last in a Newcastle shirt.
With Mel "The Mangler" Angelstad having left the club after an eight-match ban for deliberately hitting Coventry Blaze enforcer Dave Hutchins in the face with his stick in October and fellow hardman Jeremy Cornish out for a fortnight with a knee injury picked up at the weekend, the emphasis will be on Payette to settle scores.
- Professional language mangler Ron Atkinson launches a competition sponsored by 7-UP to find football's mot juste.
Warren's 11-run fifth started with Kassie Jimenez drawing a walk before Brooke Mangler hit her first homer of the season, a shot over the 195-foot sign down the right-field line.
Sonic Youth noise mangler in chief shows a different side to his art on this Beck (Hansen, not Jeff) produced solo outing.
Mel "The Mangler" Angelstad has left the Newcastle Vipers with immediate effect.