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be put through the mangle

To be subjected to some ordeal, difficulty, trial, or punishment; to undergo an unpleasant experience. Between my mother's bout with cancer, Jenny losing her job, and the bank threatening to foreclose on the house, our family has really been put through the mangle this year. Jake wasn't a great fit for the military, and he was constantly being put through the mangle for disobedience.
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put (someone) through the mangle

To subject someone to some ordeal, difficulty, trial, or punishment; to force someone to undergo an unpleasant experience. My mother's recent bout with cancer has really put us through the mangle this year. I don't think Jake is a great fit for the military. His superiors are constantly putting him through the mangle for his disobedience.
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``We had a mangled mess, '' said David Lindstrom, Nasa programme scientist.
By the time he was buried on September 3, 1955, 50,000 mourners had filed past Till's mangled corpse.
Rather than simply evidence of ineptitude, the poem's inconsistencies may indicate a relative lack of interest in the overt moralizing that goes on in its tales, and show instead that its real interest is in these mangled bodies, which represent an injury to and renegotiation of the limits of the ego.
He wanted to build one while his badly mangled fingers healed from his sledge hammer/T-post accident.
The President has added with gratification that the atomic bomb means "harnessing the basic power of the universe." The very stuff of God, then, moulded into the hands of Satan but used--oh, to be sure--in a righteous, a glorious cause, and all people of peace, goodwill, and kindliness should gloat and sing paeans on the edge of that enormous crater where tens of thousands of mangled bodies fester in the stench of death....
In so doing, he has created a structure so complicated that it must be bent, twisted, and at times even mangled in order to achieve any relationship, even a tangential one, to biblical law and to biblical narrative.
A website dedicated to the project ( begins with Wayne's words: `If the Atlantic Ocean's infamous Middle Passage were to dry up today, we would witness a trail of mangled human bones stretching from Africa to the "new world".
Everything out of order --the slow drift of mangled cars --the stillness of mangled bodies has become order.
11 (ANI): The mangled remains of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) of the Indian Air Force was found in Kathua district in Jammu and Kashmir in the wee hours of Friday.
The three-time Tour de France winner, 31, yesterday tweeted a photo of his mangled bike.
Two goalposts worth PS350 were found "mangled" at Ysgol Syr Hugh Owen, Caernarfon, on Saturday morning.
There are walls covered with photos of the victims, the mangled antenna from the top of one tower and a fire engine crushed when the buildings came down.
MORE than two days after their factory collapsed on them, at least some garment workers were still alive in the corpselittered debris, pinned beneath tons of mangled metal and concrete.
His Toyota was a mangled wreck - but incredibly he walked away with just a chipped tooth and a head cut.
Today it was revealed one female passenger had been carrying a first-aid kit, and accompanied a train guard to survey the mangled wreckage.