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manoeuvre the apostles

obsolete To borrow or take money from one person or source to repay the debt of another (i.e., rob Peter to pay Paul). Mr. Hardy's firm has fallen into arrears of late, and the solicitor has been manoeuvring the apostles just to keep the business viable.
See also: manoeuvre

maneuver for something

to get into position for something. Sally is maneuvering for a shot at a promotion. Todd maneuvered for some attention, but they ignored him.
See also: maneuver

maneuver someone into something

to lure, position, or deceive someone into (doing) something. I will see if I can maneuver him into accepting the offer. He was maneuvered into accepting the offer.
See also: maneuver

maneuver someone out of something

to trick someone out of getting or achieving something. Are you trying to maneuver me out of the running for the job?' The runner maneuvered her opponent out of first place.
See also: maneuver, of, out
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I know the maneuver saves lives, and I want it to be used and remembered,'' the 94-year-old retired chest surgeon told The Associated Press this month.
The Question to be addressed is: Does upper airway change during a Mueller's maneuver predict the severity of OSA?
During the four-day maneuvers, locally made modern missile systems, air defense artillery systems, various radar systems, and Air Force surveillance aircraft will be brought to use and tested.
IRNA said the two officers who died were returning from maneuvers "in the south," an apparent reference to the same exercises.
This is the first of a series of planned maneuvers by the two allies which will be followed by more exercises in mid-August.
The unique design of the MEB ensures its place in the Army's force structure to provide maneuver support to divisions and corps for years to come.
My first thrill was the takeoff: We shot up 14,500 feet in seconds and did an Immelmann turn, a maneuver named after a World War I fighter ace that is a 180-degree turn involving a half loop with a roll.
With defense again challenging offense, it has become necessary to contrive newer versions of existing maneuvers.
Due to the violent nature of the maneuver and the prevailing atmospherics (scattered clouds and no moon illumination), the crew lost situational awareness somewhere during the dive.
Since then, many reports have been published on the effectiveness and outcomes of particle repositioning maneuvers and modifications of various maneuvers.
If all these maneuvers have failed but the baby's head is out and you have someone to help you, consider attempting an abdominal rescue as you're preparing the patient for surgical delivery.
In vertical competition you need only the most diverse maneuvers consistently executed using the whole terrain without falling once.
Wagner tells us getting in front of the right people at the automakers has proven difficult, But a number of suppliers have expressed an interest in the technology that is designed and engineered to ensure stability, even during extreme maneuvers.
Executives should consider shifting from management principles that work well for daily operations to red zone principles that are better suited to drive major change maneuvers.
It was as safe as any of the other maneuvers we performed.