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manoeuvre the apostles

obsolete To borrow or take money from one person or source to repay the debt of another (i.e., rob Peter to pay Paul). Mr. Hardy's firm has fallen into arrears of late, and the solicitor has been manoeuvring the apostles just to keep the business viable.
See also: manoeuvre

maneuver for something

to get into position for something. Sally is maneuvering for a shot at a promotion. Todd maneuvered for some attention, but they ignored him.
See also: maneuver

maneuver someone into something

to lure, position, or deceive someone into (doing) something. I will see if I can maneuver him into accepting the offer. He was maneuvered into accepting the offer.
See also: maneuver

maneuver someone out of something

to trick someone out of getting or achieving something. Are you trying to maneuver me out of the running for the job?' The runner maneuvered her opponent out of first place.
See also: maneuver, of, out
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has been awarded a firm-fixed price, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity multiple award contract for the construction of High Speed Maneuverable Surface Targets (HSMST s).
AS&E's Z Backscatter Van is a low-cost, highly maneuverable screening system built into a commercially available delivery van.
The common aero vehicle would be an unpowered, maneuverable, hypersonic glider capable of carrying approximately 1,000 pounds of munitions, with a range of approximately 3,000 miles.
The Dri-Prime 4-inch CD103M automatic priming centrifugal pump is a highly maneuverable portable trash pump with flow capabilities to 1,000 gpm, heads to 170 feet and solids handling to 3 inches in diameter.
Much of the aerial firefighting is being done by highly maneuverable helicopters, whose pilots can fly at low speed into a smoky canyon, eyeball the flames and drop water on them.
The AIR-VAC air powered vacuum is easily maneuverable by one worker and has a significant size advantage over traditional vacuum trucks.
One drawback to the capsule idea is that the Apollo and earlier spacecraft landed by parachute and was far less maneuverable during descent than a winged spacecraft.
The versatility of this highly maneuverable, combination TLB makes the Kubota B26 TLB (tractor loader backhoe) three machines in one.
NASA officials are interested in such technology as a way to make aircraft quieter, more fuel-efficient, safer and more maneuverable.
DARPA foresees that Orbital Express-derived satellites will usher-in a revolution in space operations enabling maneuverable and up-gradable satellites supporting critical national security missions, as well as new and enhanced capabilities for civil and commercial space activities.
The unit is easily maneuverable by one worker and has a significant size advantage over traditional vacuum trucks.
She also served as program manager of the Environmental Research Aircraft and Sensor Technology program at the Dryden Flight Research Center and was the propulsion system project engineer on the Highly Maneuverable Aircraft Technology aircraft.
With its maneuverable compact design, technology flexibility and low power requirements, the Pannaway X-CAB is ideal for telcos looking to cost-effectively deploy advanced broadband services to rural communities with low line-count requirements.
Compared with the BQM-74E, the BQM-74F will be faster, more maneuverable and able to fly farther, the company said.