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freedom of maneuver

The space and ability to make changes to something. Hurry up! We don't have much freedom of maneuver in our schedule!
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maneuver (one) into (doing something)

To cause, compel, or convince one to do something through subtle, duplicitous, or fraudulent manipulation. The prime minister has been slowly maneuvering members of parliament and the public alike into passing legislation that gives him more power. She maneuvered her siblings into signing over their rights to the estate to her.
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maneuver (one) out of (something)

To cause one to lose something or to not do something through subtle, duplicitous, or fraudulent manipulation. She maneuvered her siblings out of accepting their rights to their parents' estate so that she would have sole control over it.
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maneuver for (something)

To attempt to contrive oneself into a position, whether physically or figuratively, by which one is able to achieve or obtain something. There was no order to the viewing area, with everyone competing with one another to maneuver for better spots to see the race. With the retirement of the COO last week, I've been maneuvering for a stronger position within the company.
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manoeuvre the apostles

obsolete To borrow or take money from one person or source to repay the debt of another (i.e., rob Peter to pay Paul). Primarily heard in UK. Mr. Hardy's firm has fallen into arrears of late, and the solicitor has been manoeuvring the apostles just to keep the business viable.
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manoeuvring the apostles

obsolete The act of borrowing or taking money from one person or source to fund or repay the debt of another. A variant of "robbing Peter to pay Paul," which means the same. Primarily heard in UK. Mr. Hardy's law firm has fallen into arrears of late, and he's taken to manoeuvring the apostles just to keep the business afloat. Never pay a debt by taking on more debt—that's just manoeuvring the apostles, and it never works for long.
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room for/to maneuver

The space and ability to make changes to something. Hurry up! We don't have much room to maneuver in our schedule!
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maneuver for something

to get into position for something. Sally is maneuvering for a shot at a promotion. Todd maneuvered for some attention, but they ignored him.
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maneuver someone into something

to lure, position, or deceive someone into (doing) something. I will see if I can maneuver him into accepting the offer. He was maneuvered into accepting the offer.
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maneuver someone out of something

to trick someone out of getting or achieving something. Are you trying to maneuver me out of the running for the job?' The runner maneuvered her opponent out of first place.
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We believe that because of this, the surgeon's maneuverability would increase and a more effective surgery would ensue.
"The model 387 day cab meets two key criteria for our tanker and regional-haul customers--visibility and maneuverability," said Landon Sproull, Peterbilt's chief engineer.
While increased maneuverability in tight areas, faster cycle times and lower operating costs give it the edge, compact machines are also limited by their size, says Mike Ross, national product and training manager at Takeuchi U.S., Buford, Ga.
The GMLRS rocket provides increased precision and maneuverability and can be fired from the MLRS M270 and M270A1 launchers and the HIMARS launcher.
Each of three levels is determined by measuring a combination of the rider's human factors (skill level as it relates to speed, maneuverability, distance, and ease of use), coupled with the most common rider dimensions.
This line combines the power-wheelchair technology of center-wheel drive with the aesthetics of traditional scooter products for indoor maneuverability and outdoor performance.
Measuring only 6 3/4" (17 cm) long, weighing under one ounce, and equipped with a six-foot long cord for maneuverability, Hot Tool's Model SM-1 Stencil Maker has a contoured wooden handle that stays cool because the heating element is located directly under the bent tip and a protective heat shield.
The Axion 360 is a narrow, lightweight aluminum truck that provides 360-degree maneuverability but can handle up to 1,200-pound loads.
Today's submarines have limited maneuverability. To turn, the sub's rudder must guide the craft to one side, while the propeller simply keeps pushing.
Predictably, the author views the development as further eroding women's "practical maneuverability" since female clients "now found it impossible to convince welfare workers to mediate power relations in their homes, to scold abusive spouses, or to mitigate their own feelings of isolation" (p.
Both models are offered with either thermocouple (TC) or resistance temperature detector (RTD) sensors, and feature a low profile, high-density, smart (HDS) connector that allows more maneuverability around process equipment and provides less weight and pull on instrumented wafers.
The Electrathon also includes a braking efficiency competition and a maneuverability competition.
Julius Kirshner, studying the case of a woman who married a man from another city, points out ambiguities in the laws of citizenship that permitted women a degree of maneuverability. The three authors find some flexibility for women within the patriarchal framework.
Finally, Whiting reveals the traditional mind at work when he says that in air combat technology is more important than maneuverability. This is nonsense.
Innovations to the newly designed and engineered vehicles include increased maneuverability and visibility, and enhanced powertrains.