maneuver for

maneuver for (something)

To attempt to contrive oneself into a position, whether physically or figuratively, by which one is able to achieve or obtain something. There was no order to the viewing area, with everyone competing with one another to maneuver for better spots to see the race. With the retirement of the COO last week, I've been maneuvering for a stronger position within the company.
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maneuver for something

to get into position for something. Sally is maneuvering for a shot at a promotion. Todd maneuvered for some attention, but they ignored him.
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Summary: New Delhi [India], Aug 30 (ANI): The fourth lunar bound orbit maneuver for Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft was performed successfully on Friday, using the onboard propulsion system.
"Fourth Lunar bound orbit maneuver for Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft was performed successfully today (August 30, 2019) at 1818 hrs IST," the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) said in a tweet.
Rapid systematic review of repeated application of the epley maneuver for treating posterior BPPV.
Several maneuvers based on cupulolithiasis and canalolithiasis theories have been proposed for BPPV treatment by Brandt, Daroff, Norre, Beckers, and McCabe.4-6 Presently, the most widely used maneuver for the treatment of posterior canal BPPV is the canalith repositioning procedure of Epley.7
To find the optimal evasive maneuver for a constant duration of measurement, the optimization variable of interest in (23) is the evasive maneuver u.
DIALA / Aswat al-Iraq: Head of the Security Commission in Diala Provincial Council announced today that Diala Operations Command implemented a military maneuver for all types of military and police forces with live ammunition, with the participation of army air force.
(13) They recommend using either Epley's or Semont's maneuver for initial treatment.
This study also reported longer durations of BOT to PPW contact and increases in lingual pressure against the PPW with use of the maneuver for the three participants with laryngeal cancer [17].
A look at the global economy over the past three or four years points to a successful reversal maneuver for many producers of basic materials.
The author conducted a retrospective study to determine the prevalence of a falling sensation in patients who underwent the Epley canalith repositioning maneuver for the treatment of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo.
I implored my players to use this aggressive Rip Pivot maneuver for defensive rebounding and after catching a pass against pressure defense.
The mechanism of this on-the-side maneuver may be similar to the "all-fours" Gaskin maneuver for shoulder dystocia, which was imported from Guatemala by midwife Ina May Gaskin.
Although the designers of the TCAS have developed sophisticated algorithms that predict the optimal maneuver for most traffic situations, the uncertain nature of the world in general, and human behavior in particular, makes it nearly impossible to predict all possible traffic situations (Wickens, Gempler, et al., 2000).
The SBCT leadership has proven that the assured mobility framework contributes to the freedom to maneuver for existing Legacy and Interim Force formations -- not just the Objective Force.
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