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get in

1. To access or enter some place. No, I forgot my key, so I can't get in.
2. To reach some destination. What time does your plane get in?
3. To be admitted into something, often an academic program. She'll never get into that school—her grades just aren't good enough.
4. To cause someone to gain admittance to something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "get" and "in." Do you think she can really get me into the company?
5. To manage to do something within a specific time frame. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "get" and "in." I just need to get in another five minutes of sleep before the alarm goes off again.
6. To reach a particular state or condition. I'm trying to get in shape for the wedding, but I hate going to the gym.
7. To join or become a part of something. We need to get in on Joe's latest money-making scheme! Don't worry about getting in with the popular kids at school—just focus on your studies.
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get someone in(to) something

1. Lit. to manage to put someone into a confining area or into clothing. I couldn't get Billy into his boots!
2. Fig. to manage to get someone enrolled into a school, club, organization, class, etc.; to manage to get someone accepted into something. Somehow, we managed to get Jody into a fine private school. We got her in the group at last! Well, I managed to get myself into the class I wanted.
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get someone or something in(to) something

 and get someone or something in
to manage to fit someone or something into something. I will try to get you into the beginning of the line. The key is bent, but I think I can get it in. He struggled to get in the key.
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get something in(to) someone

to make something enter someone or something. Get that morphine into her before she goes into shock. Let's get some food into him. He looks starved.
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get something in(to) something

to manage to put something into something. I got the notice into tomorrow's newspaper. I will get the replacement battery into the car right away.
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manage with someone or something

to do as well as possible with only someone or something (less than one had hoped for). We wanted Kelly to help us, but we will manage with Larry. I am sure we can manage with the money that we have.
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manage without someone or something

to do as well as possible without someone or something. Carla said that she just can't manage without Jerry. We just can't manage without some more money.
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get in

1. Enter a place, as in We managed to get in just before the doors closed. [First half of 1500s]
2. Arrive, as in We got in late last night. [Early 1600s]
3. Be elected to office or become accepted, as in a club. For example, Marge asked the club if she could get in. The variant get into takes an object, as in Things changed after he got into office. [Late 1500s]
4. Succeed in including, delivering, or finishing something, as in Can you get in that last paragraph? or I hope you'll get it in on time. Also see get in with.
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get in

1. To enter something: Please get in the back seat. We opened the door of the car and got in.
2. To arrive: He got in late last night.
3. To become accepted to some institution, such as a school or club: I applied to cooking school and, fortunately, I got in.
4. To cause someone or something to come to or be admitted to a place: Please get the children in before noon. The standards of the school are high, but your good grades will get you in.
5. To succeed in making or doing something within a restricted period of time: The milk truck got six deliveries in before noon. The postal carrier got in the entire route before 2:00.
6. To attain some condition, especially unwittingly: The hooligans got in trouble for disrupting the picnic.
7. To put something into some condition: We got the car in good condition for the long trip. The runner got in great shape for the marathon.
8. get in on To gain access to or knowledge of something: At the dance club, we got in on the latest dance moves. Everybody wanted to get in on the secret.
9. get in with To become involved with something, especially with some group: She got in with a bad group of people.
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One of the most important aspects of the managing general underwriter model is the ability to focus in on individual program management, providing control measures which avoid adverse selection and reduce carrier risk in entering unfamiliar markets.
When selecting a managed services provider for VoIP, companies should consider the provider's experience in managing real-time voice communications networks and infrastructure to support it.
Its goal is to create, protect and enhance shareholder value by managing the uncertainties that could either negatively or positively influence achievement of the organization's objectives.
Edward Lederman was also named executive managing director in Insignia/ESG's Midtown office.
Virtual managing underwriters are developing Web-enabled outsourcing of all major insurance functions.
When this information is integrated and correlated with data from other IT management systems by Managed Objects BSM solution, the result is an even more effective solution for managing the IT services being delivered to the business.
Top line results from the EMA survey show that enterprise IT leaders have made monitoring and managing the IT configuration a top IT priority, with 86 percent reporting an immediate or long-term need to manage it more accurately.
However, as IT infrastructures grew, they grew in disparate silos and the software tools that automate the management of this infrastructure - such as monitoring availability, analyzing the root cause of outages, or managing help desk tickets - also grew in silos.
The business case for automation in managing that infrastructure is obvious and this bodes well for the industry, the company and the likely prospect of sustainable growth.
Netifice customizes its clients IP VPNs using the widest selection of access, security and communication options, combined with advanced systems for managing and monitoring their IP VPN.
Companies in South Africa striving toward the goal of alignment require a proven method for monitoring, measuring and managing the services IT provides to the business," said NSS Director Lynda Odendaal.
As the leading provider of BSM, Managed Objects is a major influence in the shaping of the industry and leading innovation for IT infrastructure management," said Martyn Healy, managing director of Blue Turtle Technologies.
Operational expenditures, such as day-to-day operations and maintenance, site-rental and transmission, are reduced as Ericsson assumes full responsibility for managing the network.
Bharti's decision to expand the contract with Ericsson is proof of Ericsson's strengths as a managed services partner, delivering and managing network capacity according to operator requirements.