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seagull management

business slang A management style or approach in which the manager only becomes involved in a matter when a problem is perceived to have arisen, especially when they have little other knowledge about said matter and only cause more problems as a result of their involvement. I'm sick of this new boss's seagull management. If he would just let us get on with our work instead of swooping in every time there's a hiccup, we'd nearly be finished by now!
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project management

In business, the process of organizing, planning, and executing a particular project. You can take all the training seminars you want, but at the end of the day, project management is the art of getting things done with whatever resources you have.
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talent management

The area of a business that focuses on retaining current employees and hiring new, exemplary candidates. Talent management is a crucial part of any successful business.
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Why is our case management producing lackluster results?
A review conducted by a large integrated health care system identified nine basic ingredients believed to be fundamental in developing and maintaining a successful case management program.
That is, companies knew how to manage certain obvious risks individually but never thought about examining every risk and involving management in managing all of those risks.
CEOs were asked whether tax management kept them informed about the impact on the company of tax legislative developments.
IT organizations that utilize SAN Change Management software:
Though SMS was definitely not an end-to-end storage management architecture, SMS represented the most comprehensive achievement in storage management software to date and it became a mainframe standard for storage management after nearly 10 years of evolution.
The need for effective conflict management training methods was addressed by Horowitz and Boardman (1994) who recommended formative and summative evaluation of programs to determine the best methods.
Effective records management programs ensure that records of permanent value that are transferred to the custody of an archives program in a regular, orderly fashion will be more readily accessible for reference use and will provide more reliable information for future users.
The audit committee should set aside any beliefs about the integrity of management because override most often is committed by "good executives gone bad" rather than consistently dishonest people.
2 certification process, Stellent significantly expanded the functionality of its records management solution to meet the standard's stringent requirements.
If top management takes time daily to find out what's happening in the workplace and in employees' lives, and to be visible and available to employees, that will go a long way toward establishing a bond of respect.
In these situations, the best path to successful ERM may be to start by instilling some rigor and technology for electronic document management and control at the departmental level.
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