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crisis management

The actions undertaken to address or defuse a distressing situation affecting an organization or the public at large. The entire staff had been trained in crisis management, which saved many lives during the shooting. After we learned that another child had been seriously injured by one of our toys, crisis management became a top priority for the company.
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project management

In business, the process of organizing, planning, and executing a particular project. You can take all the training seminars you want, but at the end of the day, project management is the art of getting things done with whatever resources you have.
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seagull management

business slang A management style or approach in which the manager only becomes involved in a matter when a problem is perceived to have arisen, especially when they have little other knowledge about said matter and only cause more problems as a result of their involvement. I'm sick of this new boss's seagull management. If he would just let us get on with our work instead of swooping in every time there's a hiccup, we'd nearly be finished by now!
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talent management

The area of a business that focuses on retaining current employees and hiring new, exemplary candidates. Talent management is a crucial part of any successful business.
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Whereas the first line of research suggests that family help may influence students' use of homework management strategies at the middle school level, no data were available from this line of research on the possible influence of family help on middle school students' homework attitudes.
Nikko AM International Inc., our overseas office located in New York, provides a wide range of products lineup, under In-house management such as Global bond, and sub-advisory management, capitalizing on the excellent performance of external asset management firms.
One good analysis of these can be found in Preparing for the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Exam, 2nd Edition, by Michael W.
* The Organization for Enrollment Management: to organize departments that relate to the management of enrollments in such a way that the coordination of staff, flow of information, and the integration of decisions can most easily be facilitated
Master's Specialization: The master of Science degree in Agricultural Operations management allows students to advance their management skills through course work and management level research in Agricultural Production, Land & Water Resources and Information Systems.
There are several components within SMS, but the well-established HSM (Hierarchical Storage Management) functionality was the catalyst that enabled businesses to ultimately address the storage capacity dilemma of matching policy based data attributes with the most cost-effective storage technologies.
Traditional risk management tends to focus primarily on loss prevention and managing uncertainties around physical and financial assets and related contractual agreements.
These overt efforts to create and require formalized program management training, revise acquisition guidelines, implement sound program management techniques, require software engineering plans, and improve the software acquisition process are admirable, yet these efforts alone will be insufficient.
The combination of WebLogic Server 9.0 with the Global Management Alliance creates a unique offering.
Barry Melancon: I'd say management accounting also is about developing a system that measures performance and provides information that allows a company to formulate strategy, make decisions and maintain control.
Other organizations attempt to remove as much records management decision-making as possible from the end user.
Among other methods, management may override internal controls to intentionally misstate the nature or time of revenue by recording fictitious business transactions or changing the timing of legitimate transactions; establishing or reversing reserves to manipulate results; and altering records related to significant or unusual transactions.
HP has introduced a suite of storage resource management software that bridges the islands of server and storage management prevalent in data centers today.
Newton Square, Pennsylvania USA -- The Project Management Institute (PMI), the world's leading not-for-profit professional association for project management, is proud to announce that Mr.
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