manage without

manage without (someone or something)

To be able to operate, function, or carry on adequately without a particular person or thing. Look, it will be tough, but we've managed without a second income before, and we'll find a way to do it again. If that's your attitude, Jerry, then you can just leave. The team will manage just fine without you.
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manage without someone or something

to do as well as possible without someone or something. Carla said that she just can't manage without Jerry. We just can't manage without some more money.
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References in classic literature ?
"And there's no reason why we cannot still manage without it."
Jane lay anxiously and restlessly in bed with a feverish headache, wondering how her sister could manage without her.
"Of course it's a dead simple case, and we can probably manage without it.
They didn't see how they was to manage without orderin' up more food--they felt that empty inside."
I am, as you know, always anxious that you should go about in a style worthy of your position, but unless you can manage without calling on me to pay away hundreds of pounds every season to Madame Smith, you had better give up society and stay at home.
"I don't know how we could manage without him," answered the elder woman querulously.
"I'm sorry--if you could manage without it, I think I would rather not."
"However in the world could I manage without a tent?"
Lida," said she to the youngest one, "you must manage without your chemise to-night .
The Philippines can manage without the intervention of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), Senator Panfilo Lacson said Friday.
How England manage without so many of their bankers may say a lot about the depth of their resources.
Can I manage without all these unnecessary extras and live a life of greater simplicity?" he asked.
But I have just learnt to manage without my fingers," says the 38-year-old Filipino from Cebu in the Philippines.
After the initial anxiety subsided and my phone battery went dead, I thought to myself, well why don't I see how I manage without it?
But Finger underlined that the government needs to immediately move to correct the situation on its external and fiscal fronts and added that its policy actions would decide whether Pakistan can manage without the IMF's financial support after June 2018.