man to man

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1. adjective Between two men, in an environment in which it is safe to discuss difficult, embarrassing, or sensitive topics. I think I need to have a man-to-man chat with you about the dangers of unprotected sex. The coach took the player aside to have a man-to-man conversation about the recent outbursts and lack of focus.
2. noun A serious talk between two men, typically in which difficult, embarrassing, or sensitive topics are discussed. Looking back, I really wish there had been someone to have a man-to-man with me when I started going through puberty.

man to man

in a direct and frank way between two men; openly and honestly.
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ˌman to ˈman

between two men who are treating each other honestly and equally: I’m telling you all this man to man.a man-to-man talk
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man to man

Openly, frankly. This term, dating from the days when certain kinds of frankness were deemed unfit for female ears, seems archaic today, although it may survive in father-son talks. See also heart-to-heart talk.
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Written by up-and-coming young playwright Alexandra Wood and starring Margaret Ann Bain as Ella, Man to Man is directed by Bruce Guthrie, (associate director for Sam Mendes on his world tour of Richard III, director of Twelfth Night and Othello, for the Singapore Repertory Theatre), alongside a stellar creative team including Scott Graham, of leading physical theatre company Frantic Assembly.
On inside cuts, the Free Safety takes the tight end man to man with the original defender working under the dig route.
Named Man to Man, the group has been credited with improving the treatment of prostate cancer because its informed members have demanded their doctors become proficient in the latest techniques and ideas.
The DE's are man to man on the TE's and the outside LB's have C gap.
Sam/Will--If the back steps to the LB, he takes him man to man.
Sam (S) - man to man on #3 to the three-receiver side.