man to man

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1. adjective Serious, private, and between two men. Used to describe a conversation or interaction, especially one in which difficult, embarrassing, or sensitive topics are discussed. I think I need to have a man-to-man chat with you about the dangers of unprotected sex. The coach took the player aside to have a man-to-man conversation about the recent outbursts and lack of focus.
2. adjective In basketball, describing a style of defense in which each defensive player guards an individual offensive player. Man-to-man defense is a lot more tiring than zone, but it can also be much more effective.
3. noun A serious, private conversation between two men, typically in which difficult, embarrassing, or sensitive topics are discussed. Looking back, I really wish there had been someone to have a man-to-man with me when I started going through puberty.
4. noun In basketball, a style of defense in which each defensive player guards an individual offensive player. And they come out in man-to-man! It's going to be a defensive battle tonight.

man to man

in a direct and frank way between two men; openly and honestly.
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ˌman to ˈman

between two men who are treating each other honestly and equally: I’m telling you all this man to man.a man-to-man talk
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man to man

Openly, frankly. This term, dating from the days when certain kinds of frankness were deemed unfit for female ears, seems archaic today, although it may survive in father-son talks. See also heart-to-heart talk.
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"That's what we did with Millwall, with Mina going man to man with one player and Gylfi going man to man with the other.
Farrow said: ''Manfred Karge's Man to Man offers a unique perspective on German history with a dazzling mixture of poetry, prose, realism and magic.
The Free Safety will take the #3 man to man while the Rover replaces him in the hole.
"Man to Man" is an original screenplay by Brit novelist William Boyd, based on a idea by Wargnier, about a Victorian scientist who mistakenly believes a pygmy he discovers in Africa is the missing link between men and apes.
That was the real beginning of Man to Man. Attendance continued to increase, as snowbirds checked into the group.
'Man to Man' has a saturation of action that is welcome.
The DE's are man to man on the TE's and the outside LB's have C gap.
In Peter Wollen's Friendship's Death she is an alien; in John Maybury's feature video Man to Man, she performs the part of a real-life woman who passed as a man during the Third Reich; and, of course, in Sally Potter's Orlando, her most celebrated performance, she plays both genders without so much as a prosthesis, simply willing herself into wildly different sexes, sexualities, and eras with unerring aplomb.
Song Joong-ki was snapped in Ilsan by a local media outlet shooting a scene for JTBC's upcoming drama 'Man to Man', K-Pop Herald reports.
Sam/Will--If the back steps to the LB, he takes him man to man. If the back steps away, the LB will "Rathole"--Drop 10--12 yards over the ball, reading the QB's eyes.
"He might have won the fight in the ring but what about outside, just me and him, man to man? When I go out, my guys don't hang out with me on the street.
* Sam (S) - man to man on #3 to the three-receiver side.
From this setup, you can bring any combination of six men, with the remaining two defenders covering the pass-eligibles man to man.