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His talk was an odd mixture of almost boyish garrulity and of the reserve and discretion of the man of the world, and he seemed to Newman, as afterwards young members of the Latin races often seemed to him, now amusingly juvenile and now appallingly mature.
I am simply a traveler--an inveterate traveler--a man of the world, in a word--I can call myself by no other name.
Indeed, with all his dignity of a man of the world, Prince Saradine radiated to such sensitive observers as the priest, a certain atmosphere of the restless and even the unreliable.
You're a man of the world, and I'm a man of the world.
The first spot in the series, "Snakeskin Jacket," follows our Man of the World character as he encounters everyday situations where his fabulous snakeskin jacket may not be the most appropriate and goes completely unappreciated, such as playing golf or sitting at a boardroom meeting.
He was a professional educator, a writer, a man of the world, a historian, a lifetime baseball fan, a man everyone liked and trusted, and a moralist.