man of parts

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man of parts

A man of many talents. Patrick is such a brilliant artist and author—he is truly a man of parts.
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a man of (many) parts

a man showing great ability in many different areas.
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a man/woman of (many) ˈparts

a person who can do many different things well: My grandfather was a man of many parts: a talented musician, a good cook and not a bad painter.
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References in classic literature ?
Beebe, though unreliable, was a man of parts. But a shoddy lady writer and a journalist who had murdered his wife in the sight of God--they should enter no villa at his introduction.
'It is probable that Hugh' (he's the hero, a literary man), 'had not realised at the time of his marriage, any more than the young man of parts and imagination usually does realise, the nature of the gulf which separates the needs and desires of the male from the needs and desires of the female.