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One of the icings on the cake was the announcement by the man of God to his partners in the work of the ministry that the new morning water will soon be released and the effects of God's anointing will be mightily revealed through the water.
Cullen first Man Of God will be a first Galway runner for John Cullen, a recent recruit to the training ranks.
After agreeing to meet with victims of sexual abuse at the hands of pervert priests, the Holy Father has shown himself to be an honourable man of God, willing to seek forgiveness and admit to his church's sins.
Called to Speak His Word Boldly" is the memoir of a man of god and his days going through life and trying to spread his word daily through the world.
WHILE none of us is perfect, it seems that almost every week there are revelations of some so-called man of God having an affair, or running off, with someone.
Fr Nally has shown what it really means to be a man of God.
Upon receiving news of Bishop Hill's death, the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams called Bishop Hill "a very great man of God.
Not only is it a crisis for black people, it is a crisis of quality of life for all the citizens of Los Angeles and we all need to demonstrate our outrage that a man of God would be attacked.
If he is a man of God I am glad that my religious beliefs are methylated spiritualism.
Archbishop Lefebvre was a holy, and courageous man of God who will one day be recognized for his selfless contribution in saving the Catholic Church from the truly "disobedient" bishops and priests residing in the "official" status of the Church.
One might think that White, a man of God who has time and again fasted and trespassed against the leaders of the religious right, might put Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and James Dobson on his enemies list.
It took me longer than expected because of my propensity to read many pages over and over to absorb what Robertson, this self-professed man of God, is really like.
If truly I am a man of God, I must hear from God - move or don't move.
My mum has this idea about Russell that he's going to be a great man of God and his transition is happening," she added.