man's man

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man's man

A man known for partaking in traditionally masculine activities. Frank spends all of his free time playing sports, hanging out with his buddies, and working on cars. He's a real man's man.
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a man's man

a man whose personality is such that he is more popular and at ease with other men than with women.
This expression was apparently first used in George Du Maurier's story The Martian ( 1897 ), where the man's man is defined as ‘a good comrade par excellence, a frolicsome chum, a rollicking boon-companion, a jolly pal’. A man's woman , which dates from the early 20th century, is a woman who is more at ease with men than with other women.
1991 Men's Health Masculinity used to be simple to define. If you had hair on your chest and a deep voice, and belonged to a club that excluded women, you were masculine, or, as was the phrase of the time, ‘a man's man’.
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a ˈman’s man

a man who is more popular with men than with women
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Thus, at the peak of World War II and befitting the populist rhetoric of the times, good old Tom Eakins was figured as a regular guy, an ordinary Joe, a man's man, who pictured his world in a muscular, no-frills, no-nonsense sort of way.
It felt like every time we moved we had to prove ourselves" Torchwood actor John Barrowman bemoans the show's number of episodes being cut from 13 to 5 "I've never come off the pitch thinking I didn't give my best and I don't think I ever will" Manchester United footballer Wayne Rooney "I'm quite a man's man, quite a simple man, you know.
We're really tight now, but there was a strange dynamic between us in, like, junior high because people could tell I was gay and he's very much a man's man.
Ewan McGregor- in what looks like a screen-test for James Bond - is playboy journalist Catcher Block, hilariously and routinely described as "ladies man, man's man and man about town".
He is a real gentleman, but he is also a real man's man.
He is a real gentleman but he is also a real man's man.
Tragic road worker Gareth Price was known to his friends as 'a man's man because no-one could drink as much as him'.
Whatever might be said about Boumsong he's a man's man.