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horizontal mambo

slang The act of sex, especially sexual intercourse. My brother spends his weekends cruising the bars around town in hopes of doing the horizontal mambo with someone.
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mattress mambo

slang An act or instance of sexual intercourse. After flirting at the bar for a while, we went back to my place for a little bit of mattress mambo. My roommate's girlfriend is in town for the weekend, and I've had to listen to them doing the mattress mambo every since she got here.
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mattress mambo

n. an act of copulation. (Contrived.) I get my exercise doing the mattress mambo.
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With a base right next to Mambo's on St Hilda Street in South Shields, Mambo's Express launched earlier this week and has already picked up some rave reviews from customers.
All of the favourite dishes from Mambo's usual menus are available to order from Mambo's Express with starters including lamb kofta, halloumi sticks, potato skins and Italian chicken skewers and a variety of mains like stonebaked pizzas, pastas, risottos, Tuscan beef, Chicken Milanese, peppercorn steak and Mambo Surf & Turf, which has been one of the most in demand dishes on the service so far.
!Y con ustedesss, Damaso Perez Prado, el Rey del Mambo! De la boca de Damaso brota un sonido gutural y su orquesta irrumpe con saxofones roncos, apagados, que van en crescendo hasta explotar en un agudo sostenido en la trompeta de Chito Moran; son los primeros compases del mambo "Jose", su rubrica musical.
En el libro mencionado se recogen algunas opiniones sobre la personalidad del Rey del Mambo. Cuenta la difunta Margo Su que Damaso era intratable, egoista y caprichoso.
Con la Orquesta Casino de La Playa, Damaso empezo a desarrollar sus proyectos: "Yo componia antes danzones y melodias de tipo bolero, pero la idea del mambo me obsesionaba y, sin darlo a conocer, preparaba cosas con el ritmo nuevo que me bullia en la cabeza ...
Mini mambos sessions are also held during term time at Mile Oak Community Centre on Tuesdays, from 12.30pm until 1.30pm, at Armitage and Handsacre Village Hall, on Wednesdays, from 10am until 1pm, at Lichfield's King Edwards Leisure Centre on Thursdays, from 10am until 11am, at Whittington Village Hall on Fridays, from 1.30pm until 2.30pm, and at Fradley Village Hall on Fridays, from 1pm to 2pm.
The story of the Castillo brothers originated in The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love, Oscar Hijuelos' Pulitzer Prize-winning 1989 novel.
Es el autor de Lindo Veracruz, Mambo 6, Mambo 7, Mambo en trompeta, Mambo en trombon, Mambo a la Nunez, Mambo Isabel y Rumbambo.
Pues de ese tercer tiempo del danzon surgio el mambo, cabriolero y guapachoso.
During his tenure with Casino de la Playa, Damaso began to implement his own projects: "I was previously composing danzones and bolero-style melodies, but I was obsessed by the mambo concept, and without making it known, I was preparing things with the nuevo ritmo boiling in my head ...
The 17 tracks also take in many international Mambo-ists along the way, an example of just how widespread a phenomenon mambo has become.
Sierra no ignora que la paternidad del mambo ha querido atribuirsele a Orestes Lopez, hermano de Israel Loez, Cachao, corta por lo sano y, con el musicologo boricua Cristobal Diaz Ayala, afirma: "Es evidente que Prado utilizo mambo, palabra que ya Arcano habia popularizado, pero no esta claro que este mambo sea el mismo que el de Arcano.
In the chapter "Mambo y Cha Cha Cha," (page 159), she wrote, "Orestes Lopez was born in Havana, on August 29, 1908.
Steve Pouchie was born to Puerto Rican parents on January 18, 1954, two months before Tjader recorded his first album, Mambo With Tjader, for Fantasy Records.
Two months later, Downbeat's Perez Prado interview revealed how "Prado has been nurturing the mambo since 1942 when he tired of just playing piano for the renowned Casino De La Playa and orchestras in Cuba and turned to writing...In 1947, Prado moved to Mexico City and soon caused more excitement in that country than anyone since Pancho Villa."