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female of the species is more deadly than the male

Prov. In many animal species, the female is poisonous and the male is not, and, by analogy, women are more dangerous than men. Bill: My old girlfriend's been threatening me ever since I broke up with her, but she's too small and weak to do me any harm. Fred: I'd be careful if I were you. The female of the species is more deadly than the male.
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male blindness

n. the imagined failure on the part of a male to see approaching dangers owing to the male’s eyes being focused on a some well-proportioned female attribute. After an attack of male blindness, he walked into a lamppost.
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and male chauvinist pig
n. a male who acts superior to and aggressively toward women. (From the woman’s liberation movements of the 1970s.) The guy is just a male chauvinist pig, and he’ll never change. That’s you! Walter L. Waddington, MCP.

male chauvinist pig

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His maleness is significant only insofar as he renounces the privileges that accompany it.
We are all searching, and by honoring one another, by recognizing that the spirit of God speaks to all of us, that there is wisdom that comes out of pain, we learn to do maleness differently.
Also, by construing residency alone in the "ebony jewel" to be the ultimate sign of Black success and power, and by ensuring that the residency is itself contingent on marriage, motherhood, and maleness, Luther has contrived a scheme that escalates Linden Hills' flaws, especially its misuse of women.
Yes, it is no longer gray matter to some of us that the idolatrization of maleness must now be abandoned as a universal category that alone possesses redemptive capacity and the singular ability to be in persona Christi, mediating the graces of Christ.
The son of God became flesh, but became flesh not as sexless humanity but as a male," Giertych said, and since a priest is supposed to serve as an image of Christ, his maleness is essential to that role.
Certainly not one for the kids, The Firm, adapted from Alan Clarke's seminal 1989 TV drama, is a gritty tale of hooliganism and maleness with music from The Gap Band, The Jam, Donna Summer and Tears For Fears.
It is the Y chromosome in men that determines maleness by triggering development of testes rather than ovaries in the early embryo.
Chapter topics include mate preferences, attraction and courtship, conflict and dissolution, problematic aspects of love, sex in beginning and established relationships, maleness and femaleness, and interpersonal belief systems.
Jones elaborates on scores of physiological as well as sociological elements of maleness to paint a startling look at what it is to be a man.
But Kantaras found his hard-won identity--his maleness, his fight to marry, and his fatherhood--under attack in a trial televised nationally by Court TV from Clearwater, Fla.
1) Schussler Fiorenza competently challenges the philosophical limitations of the "scientific historical liberal Jesus research" approach, outdated in its reliance on a 19th-century European ideal of maleness, which "understands Jesus as the exceptional individual, charismatic genius, and great hero" (61).
It was the beginning of a gratitude for a kind of maleness that I could not for a moment define.
This says nothing of the various race riots, beatings, and other forms of humiliation attendant upon mythologies of maleness.
They found the tower had a lot of yang - or maleness - which might affect how its residents live.
Since men on average earn more than women, and taller people more than shorter, there would be maleness and height levies as well.