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a lot of malarkey

Exaggerated, foolish, or untruthful talk; nonsense or falsehoods. Don't believe your grandad's stories, son. It's all a lot of malarkey.
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a bunch of malarkey

Exaggerated, foolish, or untruthful talk; nonsense or falsehoods. Personally, I think the notion of "love at first sight" is a bunch of malarkey.
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n. nonsense; flattery. Don’t give me that malarkey!


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In Malarky, Schofield gives us a front-row seat to a wife's mind.
Let's just reel in this poetic justice malarky a little.
Ada, Barclay, Blair, Dennis, Flett, Jamieson, Janzen, Jones, Malarky, Martell, Phillipson, Suteliffe, Thair, Turvey, Uhre, Willis, Wong.
On the last page Truman wrote "My dear Stu, this is as big a lot of Top Secret Malarky as I've ever seen.
Anyway, there isn't space here to deal with all the weird theories about its origins except to say that the whole malarky was brought into the popular domain by the self-proclaimed "satanist", poet and onetime climber of Beachy Head, Aleister Crowley, as a superb piece of self-promotion which was later adapted by the makers of the 1976 horror movie The Omen, not unlike the way the Grail legends have been distorted to commercial advantage in The da Vinci Code.
Miller Robert de Beaudricourt Brian Tree Boudousse Anthony Malarky Charles, the Dauphin Steven Sutcliffe The Little Queen Lara Jean Chorostecki Agnes Sorel Sophie Goulet Queen Yolande Sara Topham Milliner Martha Farrell Monsieur de la Tremouille Sean Arbuckle Archbishop of Reims Stephen Russell Captain La Hire Barry MacGregor Executioner Dan Chameroy With: Dorian Foley, Jacob James, Dion Johnstone, Anthony Malarky, Shaun McComb, Gareth Potter, Lara Rose Tansey.
With Jonathan Goad (Theseus, Oberon), Dana Green (Hippolyta, Titania), Michelle Giroux (Helena), Nazneen Contractor (Hermia), Jeffrey Wetsch (Lysander), Haysam Kadri (Demetrius), Nicholas Van Burek (Puck), Thorn Marriott (Bottom), Donald Carrier (Quince), Brendan Averett (Flute), Robert King (Snug), Shane Carry (Starveling), Anthony Malarky (Snout), Adrienne Gould (First Fairy), Brad Rudy (Egeus), and others.
Malarky had been serving as director of CBER's Division of Case Management in the Office of Compliance and Biologics Quality.
Malarky and Mad Gab, carry a suggested retail price of $4.
Cacioppo, Malarky, Kiecolt-Glaser, & Uchino (1995) subjected 22 older women to a brief speech stressor followed by a brief math stressor.
Major Players Within The Roofing Market Company Name Commercial Residential Freudenberg Texbond X Johns Manville X X Owens Corning X Colbond X Elk X Malarky Roofing Co.
Felipe Smith makes a post-colonial examination of Tender and the Malarky stories, delving into race, sex and murder in 1920s Paris.
Two new games offered are Malarky, a bluffing game, and Kuba, a strategy game.
On the left-wing stations, like the one in Burlington, Vermont, I was assailed by liberal callers who insisted that the "Contract was a bunch of malarky and that President Clinton was going to win in a landslide