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a bunch of malarkey

Exaggerated, foolish, or untruthful talk; nonsense or falsehoods. Personally, I think the notion of "love at first sight" is a bunch of malarkey. His explanation sure was a bunch of malarkey—it didn't answer the question at all. I'm a night owl, so "the early bird catches the worm" has always felt like a bunch of malarkey.
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a lot of malarkey

Exaggerated, foolish, or untruthful talk; nonsense or falsehoods. Don't believe your grandad's stories, son. It's all a lot of malarkey. In my opinion, most of what a politician promises during a campaign is just a lot of malarkey. Personally, I think the notion of "love at first sight" is a lot of malarkey.
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n. nonsense; flattery. Don’t give me that malarkey!


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(14) In Malarky Dry, Malley's poems are written by one Henry
In Malarky, Schofield gives us a front-row seat to a wife's mind.
Artist Andy O'Rourke, of South Wales community arts group Malarky, has been running the workshops at Caerphilly Leisure Centre.
Political comedian Bill Maher tweeted, "Malarky!' - yes, Joltin Joe taking it to Lyin Ryan!
With great aplomb and shite-smeared wellies, Malarky stomps squarely into the territory of Flann O'Brien, Samuel Beckett, Roddy Doyle, and Martin McDonagh.
The children's workshops, featuring Malarky and the Young Archeologists, had children creating brightly coloured masks and digging for buried treasure.
For this edition, the groups are: Taking Shape, Dot to Dot, Malarky and artist David Cox, all from the UK, and Nisreen Simrin from the UAE.
Malarky, whose gravestone bears the motto, "Eschew Obfuscation": Surfaces are discontinuous and often contradictory, disallowing the reading of an unfragmented whole, implicating an experience of the sensible that is simultaneously external and internal.
Let's just reel in this poetic justice malarky a little.
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Malarky Game about life's mysteries, such as why tennis
More bunk on the same false premise." On the last page Truman wrote "My dear Stu, this is as big a lot of Top Secret Malarky as I've ever seen....
Anyway, there isn't space here to deal with all the weird theories about its origins except to say that the whole malarky was brought into the popular domain by the self-proclaimed "satanist", poet and onetime climber of Beachy Head, Aleister Crowley, as a superb piece of self-promotion which was later adapted by the makers of the 1976 horror movie The Omen, not unlike the way the Grail legends have been distorted to commercial advantage in The da Vinci Code.
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