make sense (out) of (something)

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make sense (out) of (something)

To interpret something in a way that one can understand or that reveals some purpose, reason, etc. It will be a long time before we can begin to make sense of this tragedy. Can you make sense out of these markings? Is it a code, or what?
See also: make, of, sense

make (some) sense (out) of someone or something

to understand someone or something. I can't make sense out of Doris and what she has done! No one can make sense out of Tom's story.
See also: make, of, sense

make ˈsense of something

understand something that is difficult or not very clear: I don’t understand these instructions. Can you make any sense of them?
See also: make, of, sense, something
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Among the topics are thoughts on the colloquium on beauty, from the full moon to the subservient sun: expressions of beauty and creativity in Persian poetry and calligraphy, making sense of making sense: healing hands, nature as a source for human healing, Jean Fremiot and his photographic work with adolescents, socially engaged art and the mechanics of civil life, and mandalas as spiritual medicine.
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How to Read the Bible Without Losing Your Mind: A Truth-Seeker's Guide to Making Sense of Scripture" by Kent Blevins explores how the Bible can serve as a resource for discovering truth.
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Making Sense of Chemical Stories: a briefing for the lifestyle sector on misconceptions about chemicals
MAKING SENSE OF THE DOLLAR: EXPOSING DANGEROUS MYTHS ABOUT TRADE AND FOREIGN EXCHANGE refutes common notions about gloomy economics and maintains that Americans in many ways are better off than ever, and the dollar remains the strong world currency of choice.
Among the titles are plain talk and common sense philosophy, making sense of humanity, moral tales, taking thought seriously, and journey's end.
Making Sense Of The Bible: A Study Of 10 Key Themes Traced Through The Scriptures by H.
Navigating the aisles of warehouse-size supermarkets and making sense of increasingly complicated nutrition labels can bewilder many a food shopper.
I am trying to see what they are making sense of as well as disturb their thinking or facilitate them in taking another step.
Recent investigations suggest that young ESL children are capable of making sense of written input while they are working on becoming fluent speakers of English (Fitzgerald & Noblit, 1999; Weber, 1996).
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By showing people how they can engage with art, she hopes to open a way of being in the world and making sense of it for people who are petrified or oppressed.
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