make nothing of (something)

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make nothing of (something)

1. To regard something as unimportant, trivial, or not worth one's attention. My brother earns so much money that he makes nothing of spending $300 on a single meal. We went to our Human Resources representative about the issue, but they seemed to make nothing of our concerns.
2. To be unable to understand, comprehend, or decipher something. I can make nothing of this note John left—his handwriting is terrible! Her essay was so filled with obscure references and cryptic analogies that I could make nothing of what she was trying to say.
See also: make, nothing, of

make nothing of something

to ignore something as if it had not happened; to think no more about something. (Often with it.) My father caught me throwing the snowball, but he made nothing of it. I made nothing of the remark, even though it seemed quite rude. I saw him leave early, but I made nothing of it.
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make nothing of

1. Regard as unimportant, make light of, as in He made nothing of walking three miles to buy a newspaper. This expression was first recorded in 1632.
2. can make nothing of. Fail to accomplish, understand, or solve something, as in I could make nothing of that long speech. [Late 1600s]
See also: make, nothing, of

make nothing of (or not make anything of)

not understand or decipher.
See also: make, nothing, of

make nothing ˈof something

1 treat something as easy or unimportant: What a hill! But even with her heavy bag, Amy made nothing of it and was moving at top speed. OPPOSITE: make heavy weather of something/of doing something
2 not be able to understand or make sense of something: He went to bed again and thought it over but could make nothing of it. The more he thought about it, the less he understood.
See also: make, nothing, of, something
References in classic literature ?
The next moment he was even more surprised, for Elizabeth, making nothing of the barrier of the gate, had rushed past him and was even now climbing into his automobile.
The Superintendent finished his examination of the room, and, making nothing of it, asked me who had first discovered the robbery.
Moses threatened again juggling the ball into the six yard box yet ultimately making nothing of the half chance.
I can't imagine a single situation in which I would ever play this album, unless I had suddenly decided I hated my ears so much I needed to torture them with the sound of money being spent on talented people making nothing of worth.
As any Wrexham fan knows, games in hand mean nothing - the club positively thrives on making nothing of them.
Kidderminster were controlling the game, but making nothing of their dominance and Boston always looked dangerous on the counter-attack, with Douglas volleying goalwards but placing his shot too close to Brock.
Mr Murray explained: "We will end up stocking other people's products and selling them, while making nothing of our own.