make (a) nonsense of (something)

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make (a) nonsense of (something)

To lessen something serious or important to a silly or ridiculous level. The candidate has been making a nonsense of the whole political process, but many voters feel that that is just what's needed. I don't appreciate you making nonsense of this class with your rude remarks and obnoxious behavior.
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make nonsense of something

to make something appear to be silly or nonsensical. You are just making nonsense of everything I have tried to do. Your statement makes nonsense of everything you have said before.
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make nonsense (or a nonsense) of

reduce the value of something to a ridiculous degree.
See also: make, nonsense, of

make (a) ˈnonsense of something

reduce the value of something by a lot; make something seem ridiculous: If people can bribe police officers, it makes a complete nonsense of the legal system.
See also: make, nonsense, of, something
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He says the raids are necessary because many Kenyans are breaking the law, making nonsense of a national initiative to rid the country of plastics.
Umana is acting like an Emperor at the Onne Free Zone, riding roughshod over his perceived subjects and making nonsense of much-taunted incentives instituted to attract investors to the zone.
Either through ignorance or vandalism the city council has seen fit to obliterate this distinctive feature with its new road works, isolating the length of reconstructed wall and making nonsense of the detached bits now left in the surrounding surfaces.
Janahi's original statement, making nonsense of promises that contractors would return to site in January 2011.
30pm PONTYPOOL PARK PONTYPOOL v CROSS KEYS A FAST-IMPROVING Pooler are making nonsense of the WRU's decision to dump them out of the Premiership at the end of the season, but they have a tough task today against a Keys side that are currently as good as any in the division.
A fast-improving Pontypool are making nonsense of the WRU's decision to dump them out of the Premiership at the end of the season, but they have a tough task today against a Cross Keys side that are currently as good as any in the division.
Such a move was long overdue as private operators often fail to arrive at realistic project costs and then demand money from consumers in the garb of various fees, making nonsense of the original rationale of letting private players in the sector to improve efficiency.
This is an imbalance within most shopping parades, resulting in making nonsense of bookmakers identifying problem gamblers.
Sixth seed Elena Vesnina was another casualty, as qualifier and fellow Russian Evgeniya Rodina triumphed 6-1 3-6 6-2, the 20-year-old making nonsense of the 105 places between the pair in the world rankings.
But house prices have risen at three or four times the annual rate of inflation, thus making nonsense of the whole procedure of compensation.
Mr Linskill is right, of course, when he says that justice has to be administered in a calm and correct manner (Daily Post, February 4) but "actual justice" is revealed in the fact that the young man will qualify for release in three years, making nonsense of the judge's sentence of seven years.
The irony is that just as Africa has entered a sustained period of growth-enjoying some of the best prices ever for its commodities, its minerals, oil and gas; and as its financial and manufacturing sectors are taking off, the world is coming face to face with the Four Horsemen of economic apocalypse: Galloping food prices; unsustainable oil prices, a global financial market in tatters and climate change making nonsense of all our plans and predictions.
There's a fine line between making sense of the world and making nonsense of it," says Ceal, who famously drew a mousehole on an A4 piece of paper propped against a skirting board for her Making Mischief show.
The afternoon had begun with a parade of former Luton stars to mark the 100th anniversary of the day soccer was first played at Kenilworth Road, and Luton, making nonsense of their newly-promoted status, launched into Wolves from the start.
Now he is playing the cricket we know he is capable of Bangladesh inflicted one of the greatest all-time upsets when they triumphed at Sophia Gardens, making nonsense of Australia's pre-match odds of 500-1 favourites.